Over the past few months i have started to regularly work from home on a Wednesday. This has a number of advantages. For example, it means that i get to greet Owner as She comes in from work dressed only in my spiked Khalli's teeth chastity device and collar and cuffs and begging to be allowed to play with my clitty. This is of course done with Owners permission and is part of Her new training regime to improve my begging skills.

Me being at home also means that i can schedule any deliveries to arrive that day and so today i was able to sign for a lovely new top that Owner had purchased online as well as a wonderful new Spring jacket fo myself (bought with Owners consent). i'll hopefully post a picture of me wearing it 'out and about' this weekend but this is an image grabbed from the website so you can see the style;

The one i got is in khaki and it is soo lovely! i particulalry like the hood. It was ordered from Asos which is proving to be a great on-line retailer.

Anyway, back to Wednesdays. A further advantage of working from home is that it gives Owner and i some time for some caning etc before it gets too late and i have to start preparing dinner. Today was no exception and i was roundly caned by Owner before being hard fucked by Her with Her strapon whilst my nipples were clamped and my chastised clitty was adorned with pegs. Owner likes to position Herself so that She is resting back on Her haunches with my hips and pussy just above Her hips so that She can thrust up into me with Her strapon whilst simultaneously reaching round and pulling at my breasts or fondling my clit. i confess i too like bouncing, or should i say being bounced! around in this position.

As Owner was fucking me She informed me that i have to undertake a new public challenge this Friday. We are both going to the cinema and Owner stated that She expects me to unbutton my blouse and caress my nipples whilst we are watching the film and ask Her for permission to be allowed play with my clit and pussy. It promises to be an 'interesting' night out.

Next wednesday may not be as fun though as it's likely to be the day i find out whether i and/or some of  my colleagues at work get made redundant...ho hum.