i have a couple of days leave that i've accumulated so i have taken today and tomorrow off from work. Owner, however, is sadly still having to go into work and so i am trying to ensure that whilst She is slaving away i am being a good housewife at home and Her whore when She gets back. Today, after preparing Owners breakfast and packed lunch as per normal, i waved Her goodbye and then set about preparing my day. First off i re-painted my toe nails (bright pink with glitter overlay) and then put on some washing whilst i showered and did my make-up.

By 9am i was in the supermarket getting some provisions and then next stop it was the DIY store. i still had on my green nail varnish from the weekend and quite what the builders behind me thought of me as i tapped in my PIN and then staggered out the shop towards the bus stop with my purchases i don't know, but who cares. Back home i set to work about the flat replacing and re-touching a few things in the bathroom and then it was outside into the garden to cut the front hedge and then tidy up the back garden a bit and plant some perennials.

Gardening completed i had a light lunch and then baked some banana muffins and had a lovely chat with Owner when She called. Then it was time to do a spot of tidying-up whilst dancing round the flat to music and  put on another coat of paint in the bathroom before preparing for Owner return home. i slipped out of the jeans and t-shirt i'd been wearing and put on my white 'bridal' hold-ups, green velvet waist cincher - tied as tightly as i could (i love the feel of it pulling me into a more femine shape) and then popped my large jewelled plug into my pussy and slipped on a pair of my tallest heels (6inch) and awaited the sound of Owners key in the door.

As She entered the flat She found me kneeling on the floor in the hallway. She leant foward and grabbed and twisted my nipples as i wiggled my upturned derrier. Noticing the plug in-situ She came round behind me and still pulling my nipples hard placed Her thigh firmly against the base of the plug and ground it between my cheeks - causing me to purr with delight. Next She had me stood spread-eagled in the bedroom doorway with my legs spread apart and slapping my chastised clit's 'dangly bits' hard whilst She continued to pull and twist my nipples and i found myself unconciously trying to grind my plugged pussy against Her.

'Tea?' Owner enquired and with that i gathered myself together and tottered down the halway into the kitchen to fix Her drink. After Her drink i prepared us both a chicken, avocado and mozarrella cheese salad and washed-up whilst Owner showered.

Suitably refreshed it was time for my regular caning and nipple torture. i set-out Owners items in the bedroom and awaited Her arrival. Owner commenced with Her hand, moved onto Her heavy paddle and then picked up Her cane. This time Owner added a new dimension to the caning. Over the course of the 260 strokes Owner both clamped, weighted and tied my nipples tight but also clamped my clits 'dangly bits' with clover clamps and attached weights to them. She took great delight in slapping my chastised, clamped and weighted clit repeatedly and hard whilst pulling my clamped, tied and weighted nipples hard. She then had me fuck my pussy with my fingers whilst She watched and pulled hard on my bound nipples. In the end i was begging Her to stop as the pain in my breasts was intense, and, with some reluctance She eventually consented.

It really was the most wonderful day, both as housewife and as Owners whore. And, the good news is....i'm off work tomorrow as well :o)