Owner and i have once again got the flat to ourselves and are settled back into our normal routines/life. We have had a hectic month with visits to Spain to see Owners family and then having family members come to stay with us. It has been a really nice month with plenty of opportunity to catch-up on gossip and do some sightseeing with our guests....but oh is it also nice to have the flat back just to ourselves and to be able to dress and behave 'normally' again. Selfish i know but i really missed being able to dress in my pretties and act like a tart!

The first thing i did when we got back home having waived off our visitors was put on some make-up and a skirt, oh how i had come to miss these. Just before Easter i had begun to get a little bolder in that i had started to wear make-up to work. Nothing too dramatic, just a little foundation, eye liner, mascara and lipstick. i was really self-conscious the first time (though i have worn make-up to work before it was so light as to be basically invisible - not quite so this time). However, nobody pointed and shouted out 'hey look...he's wearing make-up' so i guess it went well! However, at the end of the day i frankly don't care if my colleagues do realise i'm wearing make-up - it doesn't suddenly make me unable to do my job, whereas, i'm not yet quite ready to wear make-up in front of family. As a result, i have gone without these past few weeks. Boy it's nice to be able to once again spend some time playing happily with products. Owner and i also shop for make-up together and happily pop into places to try out/take a look at their new ranges - something that now seems totally normal and natural to me. Again, having guests meant that i was having to consciously change my behaviour back to what i recalled to be the perceived 'male norm' - all very strange. i guess my femming has come along quite a long way over the years.

Owner and i had also missed the opportunity of exploiting my slut/exhibitionist tendencies over the past month. Save for one early morning when Owner attached the vacuum dildo to our bedroom window and had me fellate it (with the curtains open) whilst She pulled and twisted my nipples, our play has been limited. However, today i was working from home and Owner used the opportunity of our having the flat to ourselves to text me and state that when She arrived home She expected to find me on all fours on the bed with my pussy plugged with the inflatable plug, the khalli's teeth chastity device on instead of the CB3000 and my nipples clamped. This made me hornier than ever and so when Owner walked back into the flat and found me positioned as instructed i was craving to be fucked hard by Her. Owner put on Her huge lightweight strapon and had me first fellate it before removing my plug and ploughing deep inside me. It was heavenly to feel Owner inside me again and afterwards as i lay cuddled in Her embrace we both agreed that we missed me behaving and being treated as Her whore.

But now we are back to being normal again and behaving and acting as we like to do. It also means that we can begin to plan some more escapades and challenges. We've also just booked ourselves a two week holiday to the Czech Republic - a little cottage near the mountains but also an overnight stay in Prague. Neither of us can wait and are both getting excited at the prospects of 2 weeks spent in each others company without any of those annoying distractions, like work, getting in the way.


shebsheb said...

welcome back! we missed you :)

Mistress160 said...

We certainly did :)

Happy pet said...

Shebsheb - many thanks and welcome to my blog - always great to hear from readers.

Mistress 160 - thank you and have been enjoying reading about your recent medical exploits with Sol.