It is now less than one week before Owner and i head off on our holidays in the Czech Republic. We're both counting down the days and hours and though these last few weeks seem to have been dragging awfully the prospect of two weeks together without any work or other such interruptions is now almost upon us.

Talking of interruptions, yesterday was also the last day of the Spanish football season. Up until a week ago, when Her team secured their continued presence in the 1st Division of La Liga for another season, Owner had been getting increasingly stressed and fretful lest Sporting de Gijon were relegated. However, last week they won and so had enough points to avoid relegation (Owner has asked that i point out that Sporting ended up finishing 10th in the league - a very creditable position). The same could not be said for a number of other Spanish league teams though whose fate was decided last night. As Owner could listen to these last games in relative peace, happy in the knowledge that Her team was safe, Shedecided to re-introduce the football challenge game She last used during the World Cup to liven things up a little. In essence, the performance of the teams vying to avoid relegation was to determine whether and what type of indoor and/or outdoor challenges i will have to perform.

i didn't do very well (or did really well depending upon your perspective!). Of the 5 matches being contested i drew 3 of the losing teams and in the other games the match ended in draws so i still 'lost' and had to draw 3 public challenges and 2 indoor/at home challenges out of Owners proverbial hat. Well, either before we go away or when we return from our holidays i will be having to;

Outdoor Challenges
  1. wear my new wedge heeled trainers into town
  2. apply mascara in public when having coffee in a cafe somewhere
  3. play with my nipples on the tube during a trip into town
Indoor Challenges
  • be tied to our coffee table on all fours wearing my nipple clamps and with the inflatable butt plug in my pussy and remain like that for 20 minutes
  • be placed onto the anal impaler for 20 minutes
One of the teams i drew from the 'hat', Deportivo la Coruna (Edit: whom Owner has said She'd love to see back) also got relegated and so, as a consequence of this, i will also have to undertake an as yet 'super challenge'. Owner is still deliberating over that one!