Well after a week that seemed like it would never end Friday evening has finally arrived and with it the knowledge that tomorrow Owner and i head off to the Czech Republic on our holidays. To be honest i think we'll spend the first 24hours after we arrive doing nothing other than recovering from the past week of work-related stress.

The week also saw my knee mysteriously and very suddenly inflate like a little balloon just below the knee cap. Owner told me to go to the doctors and get it checked out. The diagnosis was wonderfully appropriate....apparently i have something called 'Housemaid's Knee' (i kid you not!) - or to be slightly more technical (and boring) pre-patellar bursitis. Its' rather wonderful common name reflects the fact it was associated with women who had spent most of their working lives cleaning floors on their hands and knees... but somehow i don't think an argument that i have acquired an industrial injury as a result of performing my domestic household duties will wash with Owner! She also doesn't work me hard enough for that to actually be the cause.

Well must dash.....adios amigos


Armando said...

Oh no, I hope you get better. Hopefully your owner Goddess has yet to work/ride you hard. Enjoy your holiday, keep it kinky

MissBonnie said...

Popping in to say hello and doing my catch ups. sorry to hear about your knee. I do hope it heals fast. Regards to your wonderful Lady

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Armando and Miss Bonnie. We both had a wonderful time and the knee proved to be no problem at all in the end. We're now both getting excited about visiting New York this autumn - oh to just spend all our time on holiday!!!