Today Owner and i went for a walk along the Thames from Wapping to Canary Wharf. We'd set off to do the same walk yesterday but had gone no further than half a mile when we were caught in a sudden deluge that left us soaked and heading back home. No such problems today though and, as it was low tide, we even had a chance to head down to the 'beach'. Not one to miss an opportunity Owner also made sure that some publc challenges were completed too with todays challenge being to flash my bra and titties in public...which you can see in the following sequence of photos;

flashing my bra and then playing with my breasts on the 'beach' of the Thames at Wapping, then off amongst the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf for some more, this time in Canada Square;

before heading to the end of the Isle of Dogs with a view of the O2 arena in the background, but this time with clamped nipples as well:
Walk completed we stopped and had a drink in a cafe before heading home for another make-up photo shoot;

it has been a great day and there is still some garden whore training to come!

This evening after completing my chores i was sat next to Owner in front of my laptop surfing my new favourite retail website (if there is a better store for pretty and craft types goods i have yet to find it) when Owner came over and began to fondle my breasts. i immediately responded by lifting up my top to afford Her complete access to my nipples and parted my legs. As it's a Monday i have not been wearing knickers at all today (part of my Monday routine) and, at Owners request, have been wearing the khalli's teeth chastity device under my skirt. As Owner began to pull and twist hard on my nipples my clitty stiffened in response.

'What a horny slut you are' Owner said and let go of my nipples to see what my response would be. i immediately grasped a nipple between each thumb and forefinger and began to pull and twist and caress, revelling in the warm sensation. 'A VERY horny slut' Owner stated and wandered out of the kitchen. She returned a few seconds later carrying Her cane, walked over to the seat i was sat in and began to tap the tip of the cane on the head of my clit. i wiggled my bottom forwards in response and spread my legs wider as Owner worked the tip of the cane harder across my clit and round the side and down between my legs. She then lent forward and unclipped the nipple clamps from my collar and attached them to my nipples and placed the lead connecting each clover clamp in my mouth, pulling them both taut before returning to caning my clit.

By now my clit was getting a good caning and my nipples were being stretched tight by the clamps. Owner had me stand up and lean over the chair, tucking my skirt up around my waist, and continuing to cane between the legs. This time as She did so She leant forward and whispered into my ear ' now is slut going to show what a whore she is and play with her clitty in the garden?' i replied that i was eager to and that i would also play with my pussy if She wanted to. Owner seemed pleased by my suggestion and so led me out of the kitchen and into the garden. There with the nipple clamps still securely attached to my pert breasts i commenced spanking my engorged clit with one hand whilst moistening the fingers of the other in my mouth and sliding them into my pussy. Owner watched on as i spanked and slapped my clit with one hand and fucked my pussy with the other. 'What a slut you are' said Owner 'a good slut....OK enough, back inside' and with that it was over. i love to behave and act like a slut for Owner and i love that She loves it too.
Last week Owner gave me permission to buy a book on make-up for Her and i to experiment with this weekend. The book we settled on, Makeup: The ultimate guide by Rae Morris, really is excellent. The writing is humorous and informative, the photography stunning and the tips and suggested styles really amazing. Accordingly, Owner announced that She would be using me as Her model to test out one of the designs this weekend, of which more later.

Yesterday we spent a lovely time out shopping together for makeup and other essential provisions in town. i have noticed that in the past few years my interest in makeup has shotup, as too has my interest in shoes! i now quite happily wander around the aisles in stores testing out different brands of makeup on the back of my hand, taking time to select the products i want and not caring a damn what the other shoppers around me may be thinking. A few years ago this would have mortified me, how i have changed :)

After dinner i spent some time in the evening researching hair removal systems for potential future purchase. My conclusion was that the Boots smooth skin plus system looked to be the best. We've not made any decision as to whether or not to go ahead and purchase yet and Owner has made it quite clear that i am not to use it on my face (She likes me with stubble sometimes) but it would be great to not have to shave the rest of my body again. We shall have to see.

Whilst i was researching hair removal systems i had also mentioned to Owner how i would love to permanently wear a pretty connecting chain between my two nipple piercings (i do like to be adorned!) so She spent hours researching options. There is definitely a gap in the market as there is very little choice. In the end Owner located a jewellery craft shop who can make chains to your own design and specifications and dropped them an email outlining what we were looking for. i'm very excited at the prospect of a new chain to wear.

Today, Owner tested out one of the new makeup designs from the book on me. What do you think?

We also bought tickets today for Torture Gardens Halloween night event in Brixton called 'The Mask of the Red Death'. Though it has been going for years and is now a global club brand neither of us have been to a TG event before. We're both really excited and are already planning our outfits - i'll be going as a satanic slut! So all in all we've been having a great weekend.

i have been like a cat on heat all day today. i was working from home and constantly horny, texting Owner repeatedly to advise Her that my pussy was craving Her cock, She advised that i might need some ice treatment to cool my pussy down.

With 2 hours to go before Owner was due to return home i texted Her again and sought permission to insert a plug in my pussy. My request was granted and so i pulled down my panties, lubed and inserted the inflatable butt plug, partially inflated it and then settled down to dial into my teleconference (i did say i was working from home!) Two teleconferences and a few more emails etc later Owner found me kneeling on the hallway floor with my skirt round my waist and my pussy plug inflated when She walked into the flat. Owner attached the nipple clamps to my pussy and had me spank and slap my chastised clit whilst She played with the base of my plug. Owner then had me get up and walk through to the kitchen and bend over the kitchen table whilst She put on a latex glove and fished the tray of ice cubes out of the freezer.

Within minutes Owner was circling my nipples and my chastised 'dangly bits' with ice and then popping the cube into my molten pussy - where it rapidly melted! She repeated this exercise a number of times and then lent forward and whispered into my ear 'now be a good whore and go into the garden and play with your nipples and pussy with the ice cubes. i want to see what a tru slut you can be'.

Instructions received and with my blouse pulled down round my waist and my knickers around my knees i hobbled across the kitchen and out onto our patio clutching the cube of ice. Under Owners watchful gaze, and in  view of any neighbour who may at that moment have chosen to stare into our garden, i began to first circle my nipples with the ice cube and then my pussy before popping the rapidly melting cube into my pussy and slipping my fingers inside of me too for good measure whilst i moaned eagerly. After a few minutes decreed that i She was more than satified that i had demonstrated what a slut i am and told me to follow Her back into the kitchen.

Back indoors Owner again had me bend over the kitchen table and this time inserted three of Her gloved fingers inside me. 'Would my slut like another finger inside Her?' She asked at which point i eagerly replied that i would 'then beg for it' She replied. It didn't take long for me to start vocalising how much i longed to have more digits inside me and by the tim She had finished with me Owner was pumping my pussy with all 5 fingers and my recently marginally cooled down pussy was back in its molten state again.

Another minute more though and Owner called a halt to proceedings and instructed me to tidy up and get on with preparing dinner.As i sit typing this i can still feel the odd wet (and now warm) jucy trickle running down into my panties - how i love behaving like a slut for Owner!
Regular followers of this blog will most likely already know that i have and wear two different types of collar. One, the thick leather one with wrists cuffs attached, is for wearing at all times home. The other, thin leather collar with a small D-ring attached is for outdoor wear (except at work). However, to mark our forthcoming anniversary Owner has decided that my outdoor collar should be upgraded to a new model, specifically one that can be kept locked in place (the leather one just fastened with a buckle) and which is metal.

After much research Owner came-up with a shortlist of potential collars and then we discussed which ones on Her shortlist we liked the most. After a good deal of umming and aaaghing we've settled on a locking steel collar from a company called Wyred Slave. Here is a copy of the image for the design from their company website:

We're both really excited at the prospect of this new collar. It is my intention to wear it at all times (including to work) which will, i am sure, be a challenge to start with but in the end no more so than wearing my dog tag and mini-bell necklaces and make-up have been - all of which are worn daily. And anyway, i do love a challenge!

i shall post some pictures of me wearing the new collar when it arrives.

This summer ought to have been a good one for both Owner and i and in many ways it has been. We had a great holiday in the Czech Republic (see previous posts) and also had a wonderful short trip to Asturias in Northern Spain to visit Owners family and also do some day trips, a couple of pictures from which can be found below:

We've also booked a trip to New York in October which we're both excited about (lots of fun locations for challenges) - including our first ever helicopter flight, and have ensured that we will be away from London during next years Olympic Games (we'll be in Iceland).

However, despite all of this both of us have also been feeling a little flat. We've both had various illnesses (nothing serious - just sapping) and also did a spot of DIY (which always leave us in a bad mood - essentially because neither of us is very good at it!). During this time my own behaviour has not been upto the standard Owner deserves.

These periods tend to happen about once a year despite our best attempts to avoid them. However, as the Autumn approaches hopefully things will be back on track again quickly. We certainly have had a more 'normal' weekend this weekend than the past few. On Friday we went to see the new Pedro Almodovar film at the Barbican 'The Skin I Live In' which was excellent. What made this the start of a more 'normal' weeked though was that i had packed some toys to bring along with us and so we both enjoyed some public nipple torture whilst waiting in the lobby before the film (there's nothing quite like having ones nipples pulled, groped and clamped in public!).

Yesterday afternoon found the two of us in bed with me on all fours with the inflatable butt plug stretching my pussy wide as Owner ground Herself against me whilst having fun with Her vibrator - and then granting me permission to orgasm after She had satiated Herself. In the evning we went down to our local pub (me in my normal collar and make-up) to gossip about the other drinkers.

Yes, the weekend has definitely been more enjoyably 'normal' to date than have some of the others over the past few months (not that they've not been good just not as we like to spend them) so maybe we're getting our mojo back.