i have been like a cat on heat all day today. i was working from home and constantly horny, texting Owner repeatedly to advise Her that my pussy was craving Her cock, She advised that i might need some ice treatment to cool my pussy down.

With 2 hours to go before Owner was due to return home i texted Her again and sought permission to insert a plug in my pussy. My request was granted and so i pulled down my panties, lubed and inserted the inflatable butt plug, partially inflated it and then settled down to dial into my teleconference (i did say i was working from home!) Two teleconferences and a few more emails etc later Owner found me kneeling on the hallway floor with my skirt round my waist and my pussy plug inflated when She walked into the flat. Owner attached the nipple clamps to my pussy and had me spank and slap my chastised clit whilst She played with the base of my plug. Owner then had me get up and walk through to the kitchen and bend over the kitchen table whilst She put on a latex glove and fished the tray of ice cubes out of the freezer.

Within minutes Owner was circling my nipples and my chastised 'dangly bits' with ice and then popping the cube into my molten pussy - where it rapidly melted! She repeated this exercise a number of times and then lent forward and whispered into my ear 'now be a good whore and go into the garden and play with your nipples and pussy with the ice cubes. i want to see what a tru slut you can be'.

Instructions received and with my blouse pulled down round my waist and my knickers around my knees i hobbled across the kitchen and out onto our patio clutching the cube of ice. Under Owners watchful gaze, and in  view of any neighbour who may at that moment have chosen to stare into our garden, i began to first circle my nipples with the ice cube and then my pussy before popping the rapidly melting cube into my pussy and slipping my fingers inside of me too for good measure whilst i moaned eagerly. After a few minutes decreed that i She was more than satified that i had demonstrated what a slut i am and told me to follow Her back into the kitchen.

Back indoors Owner again had me bend over the kitchen table and this time inserted three of Her gloved fingers inside me. 'Would my slut like another finger inside Her?' She asked at which point i eagerly replied that i would 'then beg for it' She replied. It didn't take long for me to start vocalising how much i longed to have more digits inside me and by the tim She had finished with me Owner was pumping my pussy with all 5 fingers and my recently marginally cooled down pussy was back in its molten state again.

Another minute more though and Owner called a halt to proceedings and instructed me to tidy up and get on with preparing dinner.As i sit typing this i can still feel the odd wet (and now warm) jucy trickle running down into my panties - how i love behaving like a slut for Owner!