Yesterday i returned from a brief 4 day business trip to Singapore, it was actually a much more interesting place than i had imagined it might be and the architecture in the centre of the city is stunning.

However, it was wonderful to be back with Owner again after days apart and to start planning our trip to New York. We leave in a few days time and are both really excited at the prospect of time in the Big Apple. There is also lots of scope for some challenges and general fun and games.
This week was Owner and my 6th year anniversary. As we do every year when we're in the country we re-visited the 'scene of the crime' from all those years ago - Owner seized the initiative and turned our just being friends into something more with a full on snog in the station - and checked into the Charing Cross hotel in London. We have now stayed here quite a few times but this has got to have been one of our best visits yet.

The omens for the stay weren't good, both being tired with work etc so we decided to avoid trying to do anything in particular in the evening and just relax and enjoy each others company. We wandered out for some food but spent the rest of the evening watching TV and chatting before heading off to the land of nod. However, when we awoke we did so fully refreshed and with both of us feeling horny and, in my case, rather slutty too!

What followed next was a whole heap of slutty fun which included me being fucked by Owner as i leant against our 4th floor window (face flat against the glass) with the curtains wide open and gazing down onto the Strand and Trafalgar square and the sights and sounds of London waking up as Owner fucked me from behind. Nobody actually looked up and saw me pressed up naked against the window but the thrill of knowing that at any minute they might and they could was truly wonderful.

Later Owner tied me up to the bed

She used the opportunity to test out some of Her new impact toys, a round paddle and a tawse, on my exposed clitty and derrier, before then having me fuck myself with my hand for Her amusement whilst She enjoyed the delights of Her new vibrator.

Next Owner took some photos of me wearing my new nipple chain and new metal collar (see earlier post) which is super cool and which we're both delighted with;

It truly was a wonderful stay but sadly was over all too soon. Tomorrow i head off to Singapore on a business trip which means that Owner and i will be apart for a few days but then when i return it is only a couple of more days until we both head across the Atlantic to the city that never sleeps for a short holiday. Both of us can't wait, Owner especially as She has never been to New York before. i am hoping that there will be some opportunities for challenges and escapades to recount on our return.

Owner also bought a wonderful new toy for one of my anniversary presents which, for reasons that will be immediately obvious (grin!) i can't wait to try, yep we are now the proud owners of a cock locker inflatable monster dildo. It truly is enormous as you can see from the product picture on the website below;

We have yet to give it a try but just the thought of it makes me weak-kneed and incredibly horny...i really cannot wait!