If you went down to St. James's park today you'd maybe have had a surprise.

Yes today saw Owner and i off into town to do some shopping and also have me complete my latest St Jame's Park challenge. i must confess that had you said to me a few years ago that one day i'd be stood in the centre of my favourite London park wearing just a jacket, over knee just socks, and a pair of panties and cami/vest with bra i wouln't have believed it possible. How little i knew and how much fun it was!

As, hopefully, you can tell from my face in the last picture we had a lot of fun. Owner was in hysterics at the start watching as i tried to slip discretely out of my jeans in the park and managing to flash my bits to all and sundry in the process!

Challenge over it was off for some a warming drink and a very large pastry. i hope your weekends have been as much fun as mine :)