Seasons greetings everyone and i hope that Santa had bulging sacks when he came?! Today Owner and i were able to make it out of the house for a little Christmas walk around the neighbourhod and to our local park and shops (which, this being London, are all open on Christmas day) and back. This walk was, for me at least, something of a landmark occasion for a number of reasons, namely;

  1. as you will know i have somewhat buggered my back and today was the first time i'v been able to walk further than 100yards in almost a week. The combination of drugs, physio and Owners specially devised phylthio exercises - which currently consist of wearing my nipple clamps whilst doing my back strengthening/stretching exercises and then vigorously spanking my clitty when finished - seem to be working - yey!
  2. i have never before done a photo shoot in our local park - which is literally at the end of our street - or walked around our block and popped into the local corner shop wearing a dress rather than trousers, even if i was wearing my big padded new winter jacket ontop. All my previous skirt/dress wearing in public has been away from home or confined to our back garden. Owner said She is very proud of Her slutty sissy and i am delighted.
Anyway, without further delay here are some photos Owner took of Her slut posing in our park;

my new padded coat and Santa hat


with fast moving dog passing by

as always i love to flash my titties
We both decided this Xmas to just get each other little Christmas presents as we have quite a number of holidays and weekends away planned for 2012 (assuming my back continues to improve) - of which more later. Owners Xmas gift to me was a wonderful and very appropriate necklace which you can see in the photo below;
wearing my new 'whore' necklace from Owner
Walk and photoshoot completed it was back to our flat where Owner had prepared a delicious Asturian Fabada de Navidad (none of your boring Turkey for us). As you can see from the shot of me about to tuck in below it was delicious (incidentally i always eat out of a dog bowl at home);

Xmas dinner in my dog bowl
And finally, another gratuitous shot of my titties as i do so adore showing them off like a true slut! Felices fiestas!
gratuitous titty shot


Mistress160 said...

Wonderful pix :)

Much health and happiness to you both in 2012!

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Mistress 160 and seasons greetings to you and Sol from Owner and i.