It has now been almost 2 weeks since i did my back in and have, as a result, been forced to rest-up at home whilst Owner looks after me. It is incredibly frustrating and has put paid to a number of plans that we had for some (s)exploits and challenges in London and Lille. However, i have now been referred to a physio by my Doctor and this, in turn, provided Owner with a wonderful idea and suggestion.

i am extremely lucky in that Owner has a wonderifully creative side to Her character. Upon learning of my referral She immediately came up with Her own wicked idea ... namely that in addition to my going to physiotherapy sessions as prescribed by my doctor, i would also have to attend Owners own phylthio sessions. In these latter sessions i will have to perform or undertake any number of filthy, degrading or humiliating tasks that She deems to be required to help speed-up my recovery. i have not yet had my first phylthio appointment with Owner but i am eagerly lookin forward to it, just the prospect of it makes me feel better!

Changing the subject completely Owner and i have both ordered some pretty snow boots for a trip to Helsinki we have planned for early next year.

The boots are, i think, lovely and can be ordered from this shop on Amazon i can't wait to parade around Helsinki in the snow (i hope!) wearing them


Mistress160 said...

Nothing worse than a bad back ... hope you are better soon. God what a pain. It always happens at the worst times!