Waking up this morning and being blindfolded by Owner and used like a dildo for Her pleasure before being rolled onto my side and ordered to fuck my pussy with my hand whilst She thrust a dildo into my mouth, instructed me to suck on it and masturbated me to orgasm. Some days life just sucks :)
Today Owner and i sought to catch-up on a some of the outstanding, and more difficult, challenges that i have been accruing during the course of he European Football Championship. Accordingly, we set an objective for me to undertake and complete the following today to clear some of the backlog;
  1. wear my inflatable butt plug for the duration of the bus journey from our flat to the centre of London (a journey of about an hour and a half)
  2. spend all day out with my hair tied back in a ponytail
  3. apply make-up in a park
  4. fellate a dildo in public in a location of Owners choosing
It was going to be an interesting day. First off was the inflatable dildo challenge. The picture below was taken just outside our flat in our street as we headed for the bus - with the plug inserted and its inflater in-hand

And next here's one of me 'enjoying' the ride
It's amazing how much you come to notice all the bumps in the road when you've got an inflated rubber ball inside your pussy as you bounce your way through the streets of London on the top deck of a bus! We eventually reached our destination, Waterloo Station and i was able to dive into the toilets and safely remove my plug. Challenge one successfully completed (and two underway with my hair tied back) Owner and i headed off for a coffee break on the South Bank with me feeling quite chuffed with myself as you can see.
Coffee finished we then headed up the Thames path towards Tate Modern which Owner decided would be the location of my next challenge, applying make-up in public;
It was a really windy day today and, even with my hair tied back, it was wreaking havoc with my locks - i think next time i' may have to add some hair grips as well to keep everything in place!

After browsing in the Tate shop for a while we then continued up the Thames path to Borough Market and  onto The George pub on Borough High Street. Incidentally, if you have never been to this pub and are in London do pay it a visit. The current building dates from the 17th century making it one of, if not the oldest pubs in London and it was frequented by Charles Dickens. Anyway, i digress. We dropped in to have a refreshing drink;
and to complete the final challenge of the day;
honestly the things you find people doing in pubs - what is the world coming to?!

It was a wonderful day out and all four of the challenges that we had set out for me to complete were done so successfully. So, what better way to celebrate than to get my ears pierced on the way home. Owner and i had it as one of my development goals to for me to have both ears pierced so that i can - at some future date - be made to wear big dangly ear-rings. Readers will know that i have my nipples pierced and have a Prince Albert piercing too (minus ring). However, although i got one ear pierced in my teens (since healed over) i have never had both ears done. Well, this afternoon that was rectified thanks to a visit to Claires on Oxford Street. Here i am sporting my new stud earrings back at home;
It has been a great day, thank you Owner.
Today two exciting things have happened. The first was that this morning, after leaving for work, Owner texted me to say that She wanted to find me naked on our bed lying face up, chastity device removed and with nothing on but my panties - and that these were to be pulled down my legs with my knees spread apart. Needless to say i found concentrating on my work during the day a little difficult!

Eventually the hours ticked by and Owner returned whereupon She set about torturing my titties with clamps and chopsticks (inserted through the piercings then twisted hard), teasing my little clitty and then fucking my pussy with Her fingers as She rode Herself to orgasm with Her vibrator. Having satiated Herself Owner then granted me permission to cum as one of Her hands stroked my clit whilst the fingers of the other pumped my pussy - just the memory of it makes me feel all gooey again.

The second exciting thing was we have completed the draw for the next stage of our football challenge - the quarter final stage. As you can see below this is a serious affair :)

Owner has added some new rules that will see me having to undertake additional challenges if matches go into extra time and more still if an outcome can only be decided through penalties. For the record my teams (the ones that if i win mean i don't have any challenges to complete) are those in BOLD below;

  • CZECH REPUBLIC vs Portugal
  • Greece vs GERMANY (though i shall be rooting for Greece in this one)
  • SPAIN vs France (let's hope Owners home country wins)
  • Italy vs ENGLAND (and equally for mine)
Meanwhile, this weekend i have a lot of difficult outdoor challenges to complete let alone those i may accrue as a consequence of the outcome of the above matches. As someone once said, football is not just a game....it is far more important than that!
Well it is official, my hair is now the longest it has ever been in my entire life. Most of my life i have had either very short or short hair, now it is long enough to put into mini-plaits - well for Owner to do, i need practice!

Growing my hair long is not something we intentionally set out to do. It was due a cut last year when my back went and i became largely house bound for a month or two during which my hair kept on growing. That was over Christmas and since then  it has had one trim at the hairdressers and is now due another one to tidy it up a bit. Colleagues and family have all remarked about how long my hair has become and Owner has said that She likes it long too - though She says She also thought the very short look i once sported was quite cute too.

On windy days i do sometimes wish it was shorter - i have come to appreciate why it is that women use hair grips! Overall, however, i am pleased with my new longer hair - it opens up all sorts of possibilities that you cannot do with short hair (except by using a wig) such as pulling it back into a ponytail or putting into pigtails or plaits.
Well the experiment with the new PA-5000 chastity device lasted less than a week. The ring that went through my Prince Albert piercing ended up slightly tearing the hole and so as i type i am back safely locked in the BON4 silicone device. Owner reminded me that She had been sceptical about the PA-5000 from the outset and, once again, She was proved correct and our search for the perfect chastity device continues. My lessons has truly been learnt - Owner always knows best.

In the meantime, Owner has bought me the most wonderfully pretty new watch to wear. Attentive readers may have noticed that i don't wear a watch - well all that has changed after Owner bought me this really pretty timepiece to wear.

The watch is from Accessorise and is, i think, really pretty. As well as having a lovely pink leather strap the watch face is adorned with a delightful pink owl and flight of little pink butterflies - it's super cute and i love it!.

Meanwhile, as the European football championship progresses so too do my challenges. Recently, i had to fuck myself with both the big red dildo and the huge inflatable one, whilst being videoed, because Ukraine had beaten Sweden. You can see some stills from the video below;

The video itself is lodged over on Fetlife and can be viewed here.

Video challenge completed the next one to complete was to fellate a dildo for 30 minutes as a result of France drawing their match with England.

i have also had to wear an inflatable plug in my pussy for an hour as a result of Polands draw with Russia and had my clitty decorated wih 20 mini pegs for 20 minutes, as shown below, as a result of the drawn Italy vs Croatia game:

As well as the above there are some new outdoor challenges that i have to complete some time soon, one of which is to be photographed somewhere in London wearing just a basque, stockings, suspenders and heels. All in all it is proving to be an interesting competition and we are not even yet into the quarter finals!
Well mine and Owners quest to find a chastity device that i can comfortably wear whilst doing my pilates exercises for my back and discretely wear under tight clothing continues, this time with a new device that makes full use of my Prince Albert piercing - which incidentally hasn't been worn in years. Anyway, the device is called a PA-5000 and is made by the same good folk that brought the world the CB chastity device series. In that regard the CB-3000 served  us extremely well and kept me in almost permanent chastity for approximately 5 years until its rigid contruction and shape meant i found i couldn't wear it and do my back stretching exercises too and it was a little too obvious when teamed with tight jeans.

Accordingly, the PA-5000 has been bought to see if it serves better than the short-lived (very) Exobelt Extreme experiment which proved somewhat of a disaster. Here's a photo of my PA-5000 in place;

It does enable your clitty to swell and get aroused upto a point when the device then constricts around the top of your clit preventing (so goes the theory) any unfortunate accidents! We shall have to see how it works. The ring through the piercing makes the device impossible to remove without cutting through. The other plus is that it is made of plastic so no chance of setting off those metal detectors that organisations i work with love to keep installing just to test me!

Owner is reserving judgement to see how it goes but has said that She likes the fact the device still leave my bits quite exposed and open to be abused.

Meanwhile, in the football i accrued two more challenges today, one easy and one difficult. The easy one was courtesy of France drawing with England and the difficult one thanks to Sweden losing to Ukraine. The easy challenge is to fellate a dildo for 30 minutes and the difficult one is to be photographed/videoed at home fucking myself with the big red dildo and monster inflatable dildo.
Today i completed two of the challenges accrued so far courtesy of the European Cup football results. The first was an 'easy' one, tidying in the garden in a skirt/dress. i opted to wear my maids outfit teamed with my wellington boots - not quite as glamorous as could be i guess, but practical. You can see the results here;

The second challenge was a 'difficult' one - to be impaled on the 'pussy' impaler for an hour with my nipples clamped. i am pleased to report that i successfully completed this, much to Owners delight

i love my 'hello kitty' slippers!

Yesterdays results saw me accrue yet more challenges, one 'easy' one courtesy of Italy drawing with Spain and one 'difficult' one as a consequence of Ireland losing to Croatia. As a result i will need to both apply make-up in a park and also fuck my own pussy in public. These could be interesting.
Well as many will know the European Cup started tonight in Poland and so too did Owners football challenge game. As mentioned in my last blog entry the game requires that i have to randomly select a team from each match and then, depending on the outcome of the game, have either no challenge to complete, an easy challenge to complete or a difficult one. The teams i drew for todays opening two games were Greece in their match against Poland and Russia in theirs against the Czech Republic. Russia won their game so no challenge was required. However, Greece only managed a draw (mind you that was better than they seemed capable of at one point) and so i had to pick an easy challenge out of the hat. The challenge i drew out is......(drumroll)....'to tidy the garden wearing a skirt/dress'. We're out all day tomorrow so i will be compleying this challenge on Sunday - sorry neighbours :).

Meanwhile, for tomorrows games the teams i have drawn are Portugal in their match against Germany and Denmark in theirs against Holland. Owners competition will certainly make for an interesting few weeks as the competition progresses.
Well they do say that 24 hours is a long time in politics and it can certainly be a long-time  in many other ways too. First, although it was just yesterday that i was excitedly posting about my newly purchased Exobelt Extreme device it turns out to have been disappointing. i should have paid closer attention at the time but the device just isn't that well designed. The concept is a neat one i.e. working on the principle of trapping your clitty rather than your bits but the reality is that the spacers trapped and pinched flesh and it doesn't even actually hold your clitty firmly in place. What is more, when worn under tight jeans the metal guide bars and padlocks still protrude. Ho hum and lesson learnt. But, if anyone reading this does know of a chastity device that they recommend which can be worn under tight trousers please do let us know.

On a more positive note, the nipple weights were worn continously for over 36 hours with no ill effects until Owner instructed for them to be removed to give my titties a rest. Now i just have gloriously sensitive nipples!

But that is not the exciting thing. No the excitement refers to the imminent start of the European football championship and the start of a new football challenge game that Owner has devised to heighten my interest in the outcome of the matches. In summary, before each day of the competitions first round matches i have to draw one team out of a hat for each match being played. The first matches start tomorrow (8th June) and the teams i have drawn are the ones highlighted  in bold for each game as follows:
  • Russia vs Czech Republic
  • Poland vs Greece
The draw will be completed everyday during this stage of the competition so that i have selected one team in each match before each match is played.

The rules of the game are simple.
  1. If the team i picked wins the match there are no consequences for me
  2. If the match is a draw then i have to select a challenge to complete from the easy challenge hat
  3. If the team i picked loses then i have to select a challenge to complete from the difficult challenges hat.
The challenges themselves could be anyone of the following in the respective 'easy' or 'difficult' categories:

'Easy' Challenges
  • spend 30 minutes on impaler device wearing clamps
  • attach 20 mini-pegs to clitty and wear for 20 minutes
  • tidy-up garden wearing a skirt/dress
  • be photographed/videoed fucking myself with big red dildo
  • apply make-up in a park
  • wear open-toe sandals with painted toe nails in public   
  • wear hair tied-up in a ponytail and walk to our local park and back
  • walk across Waterloo Bridge over the Thames wearing red high heels
  • wear nipple clamps for one hour
  • wear inflatable butt plug at home for 2 hours
  • fellate dildo at home for 30 minutes
  • spank clitty with a hairbrush 100 times
  • fuck pussy with 5 fingers at home
  • wear a waist cincher, stockings and suspenders everyday for a week
'Difficult' Challenges
  • spend 1 hour on impaler device wearing clamps  
  • attach 35 mini-pegs to clitty and wear for 45 minutes
  • walk around a park in a skirt/dress
  • be photographed/videoed fucking myself with big red dildo and huge new inflatable dildo
  • apply make-up on the tube
  • wear open-toe sandals with painted toe nails showing into central London and back
  • wear hair tied up in pigtails into London
  • travel to, spend all day and return from London wearing red high heels
  • wear nipple clamps with 2 weights suspended for 2 hours
  • travel from home to South London on a bus wearing the inflatable butt plug (about 1hr journey)   
  • fellate a dildo in public at a location of Owners choosing
  • spank clitty with hairbrush 500 times
  • fuck own pussy in public
  • photographed wearing just a basque, stockings, suspenders & heels somewhere in public in London 
All of these are just the potential challenges that lie in store for the 1st round of the competition if results don't go my way. Who knows what may happen if 'my' team lose the eventual final!    
Bit of a mixed bag update this one. First, Owner and i have just returned from a fabulous 4 day break to St Petersburg, Russia courtesy of the queen - neither of us could bear the prospect of hanging around in London for the jubilee nonsense and so we hatched a cunning plan to escape to a country that knew how to deal with royalty (ok i don't actually wish to see our royal family killed but you get my drift).

Anyway, all i can say is that we had a wonderful time. St Petersburg really is a beautiful city and we were there during the white nights so the city was bathed in almost constant daylight. We even managed to slip in a cheeky bra flashing challenge for good measure. Below are some pictures from our trip;

i'd also recommend that any sissy who aspires to seriously study how to pose and parade in heels, mini-skirts or skinny jeans should also get themselves over to Russia in the name of research, Russian women have it down to a T! :)

Just before we went away i also realised that during the period when i had been out of chastity over the past four months i had purchased a number of quite tight women's jeans to wear, both casually and to work. My return to chastity with the new BON4 device made one problem very evident, chastity devices of the traditional shape - even ones made of silicone - stand out like a proverbial sore thumb (or chastised clitty to be more accurate) when wearing tight denim. Whilst, this may be appropriate in certain circumstances, work is not really one of them. Thus, i began to search for an alternative device that i could wear more discretely under tighter clothing. My research led me to the Exobelt Extreme which seems to offer the prospect of a lower profile and thus a device that can be worn under tight clothing. It is an interesting device that operates on the principle of trapping and flattening your clit. This is what it looks like on me;

As you can see it completely encloses your clit though your 'bits' are kept free behind - and thus accessible. The locks are a bit on the bulky side but, despite this, the device has a surprisingly small profile and can indeed be made to 'disappear' to all intents and purposes when wearing tight jeans i.e. there are no clit-shaped protrusions for colleagues to remark about :). Owner is still a bit sceptical about it so we shall have to see if She grows to like or not. i suspect it may be that the Exobelt is worn on some occasions and the BON4 at home and on others. Incidentally, in terms of the BON4 i have had no issues with it rubbing or pinching but if you are after a device that will prevent you from trying to masturbate (i don't unless directed to by Owner - so this is not an issue) then you'll find you can easily get out of the BON4, whereas i can't see how even Houdini could have escaped from the Exobelt .

Last, i mentioned recently that i had some tit weights on order. Well, they have arrived and Owner thinks they look very beautiful, as do i. They feel wonderful too constantly pulling my titties down and leave them deliciously sensitive to touch - indeed it is all i can do to prevent myself from caressing my own tits all the time, maybe i need a chastity device for those instead! Anyway, this is what the weights look like on;

Last night Owner and i went back to the same restaurant in West London we have been back to every year for the past seven years for yesterday marked seven years to the day since we both laid eyes on one another at Bond Street tube station. What began as a casual acquaintence on the web, moved from a virtual to a real friendship that day. OK, it would take another 6 months and a bold public move by Owner before we progressed from just being friends to something a little more than that. That too was soon followed by a letter and an invitation from me to Owner that really marked the beginning of the Femdom journey we continue to travel along. But, it ALL began those 7 years ago when we first met. Thank you Owner for giving me the best 7 years of my life and for many more to come.

To further mark the occasion of our 7-year milestone Owner and i have reviewed our development as respectively Owner and pet/slut and Owner has set down some learning and development objectives which i wanted to share with you. We both believe there is no end point in this, our evolution as a couple, but rather we both hope that in 40-50 years time if we're still alive!! we'll still be trying new things or developing new ideas and freaking out the other residents and staff in the home for the dazed and confused. So, as i said, this is about a journey and the following sets out some of our ambitions for the next stage of our journey. Hopefully, this blog will reflect some of those ambitions - but life has taught us both that there will be many deviations, dead-ends and contraflows along the way. But, enough of all that, here's a brief summary of where we both think we've journeyed from and where we are headed at this, our 7 year marker. It is broken down into 3 broad categories (needless to say i am stupidly excited - oh and apologies for the formatting which has gone to hell). Anyway, the resulting review read as follows:

1.    FEMDOM Relationship

Progress to date

The original Femdom relationship between Owner and pet was based on a contract that was reviewed every 6 months. 
Probationary periods were established to assess pet’s progress.
There were rules and punishments that were applied when the rules were broken.
Then we moved into a more ‘flexible’ relationship because we focussed on those aspects that we both enjoyed more and we left behind those that we didn’t like that much or were unpractical.
We also discover that a 24/7 Femdom relationship is not totally possible:  work, family, illnesses ... all of them get in the way.  However, the trick in order to make it work is to resume our Femdom routine as soon as possible.
Our roles have become more defined:  Owner has become more sexually dominant (has total control of sex scenes) and pet has become more sexually submissive (follows instructions in sex scenes).  Equally, in day to day situations, pet would seek approval/permission from Owner as a matter of fact.  The ownership symbols have increased from a simple leather collar to various pieces of jewellery that are worn full time.
Sex has also changed and strap on sex that started as an experiment has now become the norm these days as it suits both Owner and pet

Future Development – general behaviour

Pet to move towards the role of slutty ‘trophy’ wife
•           Continue to develop as a whore
•           Do as told at home and in public
•           Follow instructions without questioning
  • Owner to aid pet’s development
•           Through challenges both at home and outdoors
•           Be more vocal when behaviour is not up to standard
•           Keep control of the household and delegate as she sees fit

Future Development – Ideas to be implemented

Whore training
•           More advanced dildo/pussy/nipple play at home and in public
•           Dressing like a whore in public
•           Have pussy trained to accommodate bigger dildos
Submissive behaviour
•           Create new list of daily/weekly task
•           Services to Owner:  pedicure/foot rubs, cooking, baking, cleaning – all to return
•           Wear chastity device as requested
Ownership symbols
•           To continue wearing the existing ones plus a new ankle chain
•           Possibility of getting new tattoos – to be earned through good behaviour
•           Re-explore queening chair scenes
•           Install a suction dildo in each room in the new flat so slut has no excuse for not sucking cock immediately and on command
•           Carry a dildo and pussy plug in her make-up kit and keep it with her at all times should Owner wish her to use

2.    Sadomasochism

Progress to date

Owner has hugely enjoyed being able to express her sadist nature freely.  Equally pet, being a masochist has enjoyed being experimented on.  Sadomasochism is part of who we are as individuals and as a couple so it has been great for us to share and explore this side our ourselves.
Through the years a number of toys and implements have been bought and used during scenes and Owner and pet have had lots of fun with various activities:
•           Nipple torture
•           CBT
•           Caning/flogging/spanking
•           Hair pulling
•           Bondage
Also, there have been occasions where toys or implements and simple household things have been used for sadomasochistic play.  We have become really good at finding new uses for common objects such as:  spoons, chopsticks, elastic bands, hair grips, pegs, brushes etc
We have realised that health and mood have an impact on SM play.  However, we are both quite good at coming back into it as soon as we feel better.

Future Development – general behaviour

•           Continue to experiment with toys and implements
•           Increase pet’s endurance to pain and Owner’s experimental sessions
•           Sadomasochistic side to be exploited in public as well as in private

Future Development – Ideas to be implemented

•           Caning/flogging/spanking sessions to be re instated and combined with whore training and to increase in intensity
•           Experiment with toys that have been forgotten for a while:
o          Humbler
o          Parachute
•           Sensation play
o          Electro nipple-clamps
o          Electro CBT
•           Bondage rope as ornament/outfit
•           Golden showers
•           Increased nipple and clitty endurance by use of additional clamps and weights
•           Face slapping

3.    Feminisation

Progress to date

Slut has developed from being very shy/nervous and forced to explore her feminine side to one that has embraced feminity and is eager to explore ways in which to further develop it. Over the past years:
•           Slut has commenced wearing make-up daily and keeps all her nails (feet and hands) polished – the only exception being when visiting family
•           Slut’s wardrobe is now ¾ made-up entirely of women’s clothing.  Slut wears women’s clothing most of the time, the only exception being to formal work meetings + visiting family.  However, outside of home slut wears women’s jeans with skirts being reserved for at home
•           Slut only wears women’s underwear except for when visiting the doctor or physio and wears a bra at weekends and on Wednesdays and Fridays
•           Slut regularly wears nipple, waist + wrist chains and bracelets.
•           Slut has grown her hair long
•           Slut shaves regularly to stay smooth and hair free on her torso, legs and pubic area
Pet’s feminity is part of our lives and we greatly enjoy it.  Owner enjoys pet’s feminine side because of the ‘hybrid’ look – a man wearing sexy women’s clothes.  At the same time pet can freely express this side of his personality.
An interesting fact is that pet refers to himself (herself) using the feminine gender while Owner refers to him using the masculine gender.  This happens especially during scene – it has never been a problem, on the contrary we both seem comfortable with it.

Future Development – general behaviour

To become more feminine in appearance and behaviour
•           To accessorise more
•           To try to look pretty at all times and make Owner proud of her as Her trophy wife
•           To be proud to be pretty and girly and not care what others may think or say
•           Show off her body like a slut

Future Development – Ideas to be implemented

•           Women’s clothing to include smart wear for formal work meetings
•           Have ears pierced and expect to wear ear-rings of Owner’s choice
•           Wear a waspie/cincher/corset during the day – whether in public (work included) or private when requested
•           Return to wearing heels at home and wear heels in public more often
•           Keep hair neat and tidy at all times and at weekends use bows, bands or clips to keep hair in bunches or in a tail
•           Replace wallet with a purse
•           Create a travel kit for make-up and carry it about her at all times should Owner wish her to apply
•           Wear skirts in public on occasions