Today Owner and i sought to catch-up on a some of the outstanding, and more difficult, challenges that i have been accruing during the course of he European Football Championship. Accordingly, we set an objective for me to undertake and complete the following today to clear some of the backlog;
  1. wear my inflatable butt plug for the duration of the bus journey from our flat to the centre of London (a journey of about an hour and a half)
  2. spend all day out with my hair tied back in a ponytail
  3. apply make-up in a park
  4. fellate a dildo in public in a location of Owners choosing
It was going to be an interesting day. First off was the inflatable dildo challenge. The picture below was taken just outside our flat in our street as we headed for the bus - with the plug inserted and its inflater in-hand

And next here's one of me 'enjoying' the ride
It's amazing how much you come to notice all the bumps in the road when you've got an inflated rubber ball inside your pussy as you bounce your way through the streets of London on the top deck of a bus! We eventually reached our destination, Waterloo Station and i was able to dive into the toilets and safely remove my plug. Challenge one successfully completed (and two underway with my hair tied back) Owner and i headed off for a coffee break on the South Bank with me feeling quite chuffed with myself as you can see.
Coffee finished we then headed up the Thames path towards Tate Modern which Owner decided would be the location of my next challenge, applying make-up in public;
It was a really windy day today and, even with my hair tied back, it was wreaking havoc with my locks - i think next time i' may have to add some hair grips as well to keep everything in place!

After browsing in the Tate shop for a while we then continued up the Thames path to Borough Market and  onto The George pub on Borough High Street. Incidentally, if you have never been to this pub and are in London do pay it a visit. The current building dates from the 17th century making it one of, if not the oldest pubs in London and it was frequented by Charles Dickens. Anyway, i digress. We dropped in to have a refreshing drink;
and to complete the final challenge of the day;
honestly the things you find people doing in pubs - what is the world coming to?!

It was a wonderful day out and all four of the challenges that we had set out for me to complete were done so successfully. So, what better way to celebrate than to get my ears pierced on the way home. Owner and i had it as one of my development goals to for me to have both ears pierced so that i can - at some future date - be made to wear big dangly ear-rings. Readers will know that i have my nipples pierced and have a Prince Albert piercing too (minus ring). However, although i got one ear pierced in my teens (since healed over) i have never had both ears done. Well, this afternoon that was rectified thanks to a visit to Claires on Oxford Street. Here i am sporting my new stud earrings back at home;
It has been a great day, thank you Owner.