Well they do say that 24 hours is a long time in politics and it can certainly be a long-time  in many other ways too. First, although it was just yesterday that i was excitedly posting about my newly purchased Exobelt Extreme device it turns out to have been disappointing. i should have paid closer attention at the time but the device just isn't that well designed. The concept is a neat one i.e. working on the principle of trapping your clitty rather than your bits but the reality is that the spacers trapped and pinched flesh and it doesn't even actually hold your clitty firmly in place. What is more, when worn under tight jeans the metal guide bars and padlocks still protrude. Ho hum and lesson learnt. But, if anyone reading this does know of a chastity device that they recommend which can be worn under tight trousers please do let us know.

On a more positive note, the nipple weights were worn continously for over 36 hours with no ill effects until Owner instructed for them to be removed to give my titties a rest. Now i just have gloriously sensitive nipples!

But that is not the exciting thing. No the excitement refers to the imminent start of the European football championship and the start of a new football challenge game that Owner has devised to heighten my interest in the outcome of the matches. In summary, before each day of the competitions first round matches i have to draw one team out of a hat for each match being played. The first matches start tomorrow (8th June) and the teams i have drawn are the ones highlighted  in bold for each game as follows:
  • Russia vs Czech Republic
  • Poland vs Greece
The draw will be completed everyday during this stage of the competition so that i have selected one team in each match before each match is played.

The rules of the game are simple.
  1. If the team i picked wins the match there are no consequences for me
  2. If the match is a draw then i have to select a challenge to complete from the easy challenge hat
  3. If the team i picked loses then i have to select a challenge to complete from the difficult challenges hat.
The challenges themselves could be anyone of the following in the respective 'easy' or 'difficult' categories:

'Easy' Challenges
  • spend 30 minutes on impaler device wearing clamps
  • attach 20 mini-pegs to clitty and wear for 20 minutes
  • tidy-up garden wearing a skirt/dress
  • be photographed/videoed fucking myself with big red dildo
  • apply make-up in a park
  • wear open-toe sandals with painted toe nails in public   
  • wear hair tied-up in a ponytail and walk to our local park and back
  • walk across Waterloo Bridge over the Thames wearing red high heels
  • wear nipple clamps for one hour
  • wear inflatable butt plug at home for 2 hours
  • fellate dildo at home for 30 minutes
  • spank clitty with a hairbrush 100 times
  • fuck pussy with 5 fingers at home
  • wear a waist cincher, stockings and suspenders everyday for a week
'Difficult' Challenges
  • spend 1 hour on impaler device wearing clamps  
  • attach 35 mini-pegs to clitty and wear for 45 minutes
  • walk around a park in a skirt/dress
  • be photographed/videoed fucking myself with big red dildo and huge new inflatable dildo
  • apply make-up on the tube
  • wear open-toe sandals with painted toe nails showing into central London and back
  • wear hair tied up in pigtails into London
  • travel to, spend all day and return from London wearing red high heels
  • wear nipple clamps with 2 weights suspended for 2 hours
  • travel from home to South London on a bus wearing the inflatable butt plug (about 1hr journey)   
  • fellate a dildo in public at a location of Owners choosing
  • spank clitty with hairbrush 500 times
  • fuck own pussy in public
  • photographed wearing just a basque, stockings, suspenders & heels somewhere in public in London 
All of these are just the potential challenges that lie in store for the 1st round of the competition if results don't go my way. Who knows what may happen if 'my' team lose the eventual final!