Well as many will know the European Cup started tonight in Poland and so too did Owners football challenge game. As mentioned in my last blog entry the game requires that i have to randomly select a team from each match and then, depending on the outcome of the game, have either no challenge to complete, an easy challenge to complete or a difficult one. The teams i drew for todays opening two games were Greece in their match against Poland and Russia in theirs against the Czech Republic. Russia won their game so no challenge was required. However, Greece only managed a draw (mind you that was better than they seemed capable of at one point) and so i had to pick an easy challenge out of the hat. The challenge i drew out is......(drumroll)....'to tidy the garden wearing a skirt/dress'. We're out all day tomorrow so i will be compleying this challenge on Sunday - sorry neighbours :).

Meanwhile, for tomorrows games the teams i have drawn are Portugal in their match against Germany and Denmark in theirs against Holland. Owners competition will certainly make for an interesting few weeks as the competition progresses.