Last night Owner and i went back to the same restaurant in West London we have been back to every year for the past seven years for yesterday marked seven years to the day since we both laid eyes on one another at Bond Street tube station. What began as a casual acquaintence on the web, moved from a virtual to a real friendship that day. OK, it would take another 6 months and a bold public move by Owner before we progressed from just being friends to something a little more than that. That too was soon followed by a letter and an invitation from me to Owner that really marked the beginning of the Femdom journey we continue to travel along. But, it ALL began those 7 years ago when we first met. Thank you Owner for giving me the best 7 years of my life and for many more to come.

To further mark the occasion of our 7-year milestone Owner and i have reviewed our development as respectively Owner and pet/slut and Owner has set down some learning and development objectives which i wanted to share with you. We both believe there is no end point in this, our evolution as a couple, but rather we both hope that in 40-50 years time if we're still alive!! we'll still be trying new things or developing new ideas and freaking out the other residents and staff in the home for the dazed and confused. So, as i said, this is about a journey and the following sets out some of our ambitions for the next stage of our journey. Hopefully, this blog will reflect some of those ambitions - but life has taught us both that there will be many deviations, dead-ends and contraflows along the way. But, enough of all that, here's a brief summary of where we both think we've journeyed from and where we are headed at this, our 7 year marker. It is broken down into 3 broad categories (needless to say i am stupidly excited - oh and apologies for the formatting which has gone to hell). Anyway, the resulting review read as follows:

1.    FEMDOM Relationship

Progress to date

The original Femdom relationship between Owner and pet was based on a contract that was reviewed every 6 months. 
Probationary periods were established to assess pet’s progress.
There were rules and punishments that were applied when the rules were broken.
Then we moved into a more ‘flexible’ relationship because we focussed on those aspects that we both enjoyed more and we left behind those that we didn’t like that much or were unpractical.
We also discover that a 24/7 Femdom relationship is not totally possible:  work, family, illnesses ... all of them get in the way.  However, the trick in order to make it work is to resume our Femdom routine as soon as possible.
Our roles have become more defined:  Owner has become more sexually dominant (has total control of sex scenes) and pet has become more sexually submissive (follows instructions in sex scenes).  Equally, in day to day situations, pet would seek approval/permission from Owner as a matter of fact.  The ownership symbols have increased from a simple leather collar to various pieces of jewellery that are worn full time.
Sex has also changed and strap on sex that started as an experiment has now become the norm these days as it suits both Owner and pet

Future Development – general behaviour

Pet to move towards the role of slutty ‘trophy’ wife
•           Continue to develop as a whore
•           Do as told at home and in public
•           Follow instructions without questioning
  • Owner to aid pet’s development
•           Through challenges both at home and outdoors
•           Be more vocal when behaviour is not up to standard
•           Keep control of the household and delegate as she sees fit

Future Development – Ideas to be implemented

Whore training
•           More advanced dildo/pussy/nipple play at home and in public
•           Dressing like a whore in public
•           Have pussy trained to accommodate bigger dildos
Submissive behaviour
•           Create new list of daily/weekly task
•           Services to Owner:  pedicure/foot rubs, cooking, baking, cleaning – all to return
•           Wear chastity device as requested
Ownership symbols
•           To continue wearing the existing ones plus a new ankle chain
•           Possibility of getting new tattoos – to be earned through good behaviour
•           Re-explore queening chair scenes
•           Install a suction dildo in each room in the new flat so slut has no excuse for not sucking cock immediately and on command
•           Carry a dildo and pussy plug in her make-up kit and keep it with her at all times should Owner wish her to use

2.    Sadomasochism

Progress to date

Owner has hugely enjoyed being able to express her sadist nature freely.  Equally pet, being a masochist has enjoyed being experimented on.  Sadomasochism is part of who we are as individuals and as a couple so it has been great for us to share and explore this side our ourselves.
Through the years a number of toys and implements have been bought and used during scenes and Owner and pet have had lots of fun with various activities:
•           Nipple torture
•           CBT
•           Caning/flogging/spanking
•           Hair pulling
•           Bondage
Also, there have been occasions where toys or implements and simple household things have been used for sadomasochistic play.  We have become really good at finding new uses for common objects such as:  spoons, chopsticks, elastic bands, hair grips, pegs, brushes etc
We have realised that health and mood have an impact on SM play.  However, we are both quite good at coming back into it as soon as we feel better.

Future Development – general behaviour

•           Continue to experiment with toys and implements
•           Increase pet’s endurance to pain and Owner’s experimental sessions
•           Sadomasochistic side to be exploited in public as well as in private

Future Development – Ideas to be implemented

•           Caning/flogging/spanking sessions to be re instated and combined with whore training and to increase in intensity
•           Experiment with toys that have been forgotten for a while:
o          Humbler
o          Parachute
•           Sensation play
o          Electro nipple-clamps
o          Electro CBT
•           Bondage rope as ornament/outfit
•           Golden showers
•           Increased nipple and clitty endurance by use of additional clamps and weights
•           Face slapping

3.    Feminisation

Progress to date

Slut has developed from being very shy/nervous and forced to explore her feminine side to one that has embraced feminity and is eager to explore ways in which to further develop it. Over the past years:
•           Slut has commenced wearing make-up daily and keeps all her nails (feet and hands) polished – the only exception being when visiting family
•           Slut’s wardrobe is now ¾ made-up entirely of women’s clothing.  Slut wears women’s clothing most of the time, the only exception being to formal work meetings + visiting family.  However, outside of home slut wears women’s jeans with skirts being reserved for at home
•           Slut only wears women’s underwear except for when visiting the doctor or physio and wears a bra at weekends and on Wednesdays and Fridays
•           Slut regularly wears nipple, waist + wrist chains and bracelets.
•           Slut has grown her hair long
•           Slut shaves regularly to stay smooth and hair free on her torso, legs and pubic area
Pet’s feminity is part of our lives and we greatly enjoy it.  Owner enjoys pet’s feminine side because of the ‘hybrid’ look – a man wearing sexy women’s clothes.  At the same time pet can freely express this side of his personality.
An interesting fact is that pet refers to himself (herself) using the feminine gender while Owner refers to him using the masculine gender.  This happens especially during scene – it has never been a problem, on the contrary we both seem comfortable with it.

Future Development – general behaviour

To become more feminine in appearance and behaviour
•           To accessorise more
•           To try to look pretty at all times and make Owner proud of her as Her trophy wife
•           To be proud to be pretty and girly and not care what others may think or say
•           Show off her body like a slut

Future Development – Ideas to be implemented

•           Women’s clothing to include smart wear for formal work meetings
•           Have ears pierced and expect to wear ear-rings of Owner’s choice
•           Wear a waspie/cincher/corset during the day – whether in public (work included) or private when requested
•           Return to wearing heels at home and wear heels in public more often
•           Keep hair neat and tidy at all times and at weekends use bows, bands or clips to keep hair in bunches or in a tail
•           Replace wallet with a purse
•           Create a travel kit for make-up and carry it about her at all times should Owner wish her to apply
•           Wear skirts in public on occasions


Mistress160 and solipsist said...

Happy Anniversary .... we think you are both absolutely wonderful and wish you many more happy years together.

(sol really enjoys the feeling of wearing tight corset / waist cinchers etc during the work day. I like sending him to work wearing them, I often think of him during the day)

Happy pet said...

Many, many thanks Mistress 160 and sol, not least for the inspiration you have both provided to us over these years. Am really looking forward to the cincher/corset becoming an everyday item of clothing.