It may be a few months since the last of the European Cup football matches was played but i am still trying to catch-up on some of the challenges accrued as a consequence of my selected teams performance. There had been a bit of a hiatus in completing these but today Owner and i set off into London to try and crack through some of those still left for me to do. Owner had amended the challenges slightly so that rather than crossing Waterloo Bridge in red high heels She combined it with me wearing open toe sandals with painted toe nails instead. In addition, i was also to wear a skirt in a London Park and to reveal my bra and basque in public before finishing off the day by applying make-up whilst travelling on the tube.

It proved to be one of our most successful challenges to date which witnessed me walking through Green Park (next to Buckingham Palace)  in central London wearing a skirt and fishnet stockings - something Owner was delighted with, as was i. You can see some photos taken of me completing my challenges in Green Park below together with a picture of me applying my makeup on the tube.

The following are the videos Owner shot, first of me starting the challenges by walking across Waterloo Bridge in my new sandals with painted toe nails, followed by my escapade in Green Park and then applying makeup on the tube on the way home.

With these challenges completed today that nearly brings an end to the European Cup challenges, albeit that there are still a couple of 'interesting' ones to do, including fucking myself in public. Now that could be fun!


Tamara said...

Nice long hair and great legs! - And it looks like you were having fun.

May I ask about your collar? Do you wear it constantly? Is it locked? And is it rigid or flexible (it isn't really clear from the photos)?

Congratulations on the new home, btw.

Happy pet said...

Many thanks for your lovely comments Tamara (blush). i am still getting used to my hair being long. It currently needs a trim and a re-style but it's a work in progress you might say.

The collar is made of stainless still rope and is made by The ends of the rope are aluminium and they slot together a bit like tent poles. They can be locked in place with an allen key.

Owner bought it for me as something i can wear when not wearing my leather collar and cuffs which i wear at home. It is not locked as Owner does not like me to wear it in bed and i have yet to pluck up the courage to wear to work (though i have got used to wearing my various necklaces, bracelet, earrings and feminine clothes - as presumably have my colleagues - so maybe i just need to pluck up the courage!). We'd both really recommend the collar. You can bend it - it straightens out when not slotted together to form a collar round your neck and it is fairly discrete (despite my shyness about wearing to work).

Hope this helps?


Just Sissy said...

nice challange... and well done!

yours, Sissy

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Just Sissy