Many of the challenges i have had to complete recently have involved very little or no physical discomfort on my part, nervousness perhaps but not discomfort. However, tonights were uncomfortable in a much more traditional and painful way and involved wearing 35 mini pegs on my clitty for 45 minutes whilst also having my nipples clamped.

i find i really have to try to focus hard when the pegs are in situ as i try to ride the waves of pain that sweep up and over my body from my groin. However, once in the zone the sensation can be wonderful and your body starts to feel like it is really riding the tide of pain and discomfort and turning it into something good, more than good, wonderful in a weird kind of way. Of course, the knowledge is there that this pain is as nothing as that you will feel when those vicious little devils get taken off one at a time but at that time you try to ignore that and focus on the here and now. Here i am riding that happy painful wave and trying not to think of the special pain still to come

 yep my clitty was resembling a hedgehog

However, after about 30 minutes leaving me like this whilst She dried Her hair Owner lay down beside me and began to masturbate my pegged clitty. It was wonderful and soon i was very aroused. Owner told me to start to play with my pussy and no sooner said than my fingers were deep inside me as Hers continued to caress my clitty, causing the pegs to bite harder into my swollen flesh. Owner caressed me like this until i came (with permission) the sudden release from arousal switching the neurons in my brain to focus their attention back onto the pain from the pegs, pain which doubled and tripled as one by one Owner removed the pegs. It was as awfully wonderful as it always is and Owner hugged me in Her arms until my equilibrium had returned. Challenge done it was time to tidy up.