Honestly, the things you find in your local park these days! Owner and i had a little bit of fun this evening in ours

You can't beat a bit of al fresco cock!

On a more serious note, Owner and i both hope that any readers of this blog from the East Coast of the USA stay safe from Sandy.

Owner surprised me yesterday by presenting me with a pretty little charm that She had ordered along with some new make-up for ourselves from the lovely people at Avon. The charm consists of two little red cherries and it now adorns my waist chain where it keeps the existing handcuffs charm company. You can see it below, i think it's very pretty;

This morning the clocks have gone forward an hour and Owner welcomed in the change in the hours by teasing and caressing my titties and clit in bed and then mounting me and using my body as Her dildo, humping my buttocks and grinding down on me as She brought Herself to a happy orgasm. Owner then turned Her attention to me and had me play with my clit and pussy for Her amusement, first in the bed, then infront of our new full length wardrobe mirror, next in front of our bedroom window and finally in the corridor where She granted me permission to cum. This i did copiously all over Owners foot and my fingers. You could tell it has been quite some time since Owner last permitted me to orgasm as the resultant mess took quite a bit of licking up!

We have now completed all of the decorating and DIY in the main bedroom of our new flat and have lots of new furniture. We also have a new leather covered storage chest in the bedroom so that Owner has a good-sized storage space for our toys and a useful piece of furniture for Her to use for spanking, caning, photographing and, perhaps, fucking, Her whore.

Last we have decided to bite the bullet and invest in what we both hope will be a good quality new metal chastity device for me. Of late we have not had a lot of luck with devices after years of good service from the CB-300. However, tonight we will be submitting an order for a Jailbird device which seems to have universally good reviews, including from the highly regarded (by us) Mistress 160 and Solipsist. What has swung it for me is that you can custom-size the device, thereby hopefully enabling us to order one that can both be worn without too much of a bulge in feminine jeans and also still enables me to do my pilates exercises comfortably. To be honest we're both delighted at the prospect of my returning to chastity, i honestly do prefer being 'in' than 'out' and whilst Owner likes to have me 'out' at times so She can play with my clitty She also believes that i can have too much fun and am overdue being locked away. The design of the device means Owner will still be able to tease and torment me whilst wearing and though it will have to be removed for airport security i hope to be able to kept locked up for extended periods of time.
This weekend began with me greeting Owner at the train station as She arrived back from work (i was working from home) before the two of us headed off to try out a new local cafe. The cafe was great (a lovely cafe/gallery space) and we ended up back there for brunch the next day when it was packed. However, on  Friday early eve it was a lot quieter and Owner took a couple of shots of me as we lingered over our coffees;

The remainder of the weekend was, however, spent for the most part with me covered in paint. Owner and i had our new bedroom re-plastered mid-week which left Friday night and Saturday/Sunday for me to paint before the new carpet arrived to be fitted today and our new furniture later this week. i confess to finding painting to be quite therapeutic and rewarding and it also gave me an opportunity to get some final use out of my last pair of 'boy' jeans by sacrificing them to the great DIY job in the sky. Needless to say i was wearing pretty panties underneath and Owner popped in a few times to photograph my builders bum!

The last of the painting was finished first thing this morning though just in time for the carpet fitters to fit the new carpet. i couldn't resist the urge to roll about on our nice soft  bedroom floor and play with myself  for Owners camera when She got back;

On Saturday Owner and i went into Soho to get my new tattoo done at Diamond Jacks. We arrived a little early so there was time to pop into one of the neighbouring cafes for a quick caffeine fix before heading back to the parlor and upstairs to get my new ink work done. The tattooist was Gino who did two of my previous tattoos and we think he did an excellent job with this latest one too. Owner is absolutely delighted with the result and i am very happy as well. The photo below was taken in the cafe just before i had my new tattoo done:

Whilst the following photos were taken at breakfast this morning, almost 40 hours after the tattoo was done, and before we both headed off to work (in case you're wondering some of the intervening period was filled with an exciting trip to IKEA to organise some new bedroom storage etc). But i digress the tattoo pictures taken this morning are below:

In the photographs you can also see the dog bowl i eat all my meals from and my super cute (well i think so) Hello Kitty slippers. We also now have a little breakfast bar and stools which Owner has advised will make an excellent 'platform' for challenges and whore behaviours. We already now have a new informal breakfast 'rule' which is that in addition to having my titties clamped first thing in the morning (as you can see in the picture) i am also to keep my dressing gown pulled off my shoulders and my nightie pulled down to reveal my titties and to sit facing Owner with my legs fully parted (this time not as shown in the photo!).

We have some more chaos about to descend on us at home in that we are getting various rooms in our new flat re-plastered and then i am re-painting them. We both can't wait until it is all over and we can finally settle down into our normal happily deviant routines and activities. Owner has begun to think ahead to some autumnal themed challenges ready for when 'normality' returns.
Just over a week ago Owner and i finally moved out of our old North London flat and into our new South London one. The new flat has a couple of lofts, one of which is huge, and which offers all sorts of 'interesting' possibilities. We really love our new place and have started to plan to get some fitted furniture for our bedroom - partly to have a place to store our toys! It is also right next door to a lovely park that offers both fantastic vistas over London as well as lots of interesting photoshoot/challenge opportunities. We just can't wait until we've finished doing some of the minor refurbishments planned for our new place and i can become the housewife/whore Owner desires.

More significantly, yesterday was also Owner and my 7th Anniversary. It really has been a wonderful journey that we have shared together and which we continue to explore, evolving and developing together whilst having great fun along the way. Ours is not the stereotypical Femdom relationship and neither of us feel we conform to any particular or archetypal Domme/sub role. Instead, we have charted a course that works for us and which has continued to see us both evolve together as a couple who are even more deeply in love with each other now than we were all those years ago, and who have changed and evolved over that time and will continue to do so and who can still think of nothing we'd rather be doing that having fun together. Owners Anniversary gift to me is going to be a kitten tattoo on my right shoulder, i'll post a picture when it is done, hopefully within the week. Meanwhile, here's me amidst the chaos of the boxes at out old flat just before we moved;