Owner and i are lucky enough to now live very close to Greenwich in London and today we decided to walk there from home to have a bit of a smooch around. It was also an opportunity for Owner to take some photos whilst we were out and about.

As we were visiting the epicentre of Britain's naval heritage i tried to think of something suitably nautical to wear, but couldn't really come up with anything save for a stripey blue and white top. Still i thought that would do the job and so after lunch we set off to explore and take some photos. For anyone who has been to Greenwich Park the vista that greets one as you head into the park from Blackheath is really something with the Thames and the skyscrapers of Canary Wharf and the Dome/O2 arena laid out before you. There is a spot which is always popular with tourists to take photos as it affords a wonderful view back across London and this is where Owner advised the first photos were to be taken. My initial pose yielded the following result;

but then i remembered the comment left by SusanRhodes after my last post and this time made a conscious effort to try to remember to smile, which yielded this
well, i admit some practice is needed here but at least i tried! Then it was off down the hill towards the newly restored Cutty Sark resting on its glazed plinth, but first a further stop amidst the  greens, ambers and golds of an autumnal Greenwich Park
Cutty Sark itself now dominates the Greenwich shoreline from its newly elevated perch next to the Thames. Opinions are divided as to whether the its new setting is appropriate or not but Owner and i both think her new home compliments her lines

We then headed off into Greenwich market for a little bit of retail therapy but not before stopping for a revitalising latte in one of the market cafes

There were some lovely items for sale in the market but nothing caught our eye until that was we spied the setting sun and rushed out of the shops and down to the waterline where Owner captured the beauty of a London sunset;

i particularly love the newly completed 'Shard' which is the building at the centre of this shot and is currently Europe's tallest skyscraper. With the sun setting behind us we both headed up the Thames for a drink in one of our favourite pubs. We were both sat in a little corner of the pub that afforded a great view of all the comings and goings and an opportunity for us both to engage in one of our favourite activities - people watching. However, being the slut that i am it wasn't long before my jeans were unzipped and Owners hand was caressing my clitty whilst Her other hand reached under my top and under my bra and caressed my titties. How naughty!

On our way back along the Thames there was another opportunity for me to behave like the naughty slut i am by flashing my bra on the steps of the Thames

Posing over it was time to head back to the DLR and home, a very happy and contented slutty pet indeed


susanrhodes said...

Oh bless, you look so much better smiling! i like to see people enjoying themselves, and i know that you are loving every moment of this.

i have never been to greenwhich but it does look nice. glad you had a good day.

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Susan - it was a lovely day


Ana said...

Susan is absolutely right - you are so pretty - but especially so when you are smiling. Sounds like a wonderful day and I love the sunset picture. Thank you for sharing.

Happy pet said...

Glad you liked picture Ana, all credit goes to my Owner who was the photographer. Thank you for the nice words.