The constant hot warm sensation you can feel across your buttocks and the glistening, sticky, moist warmth of your pussy. Both of which have been a constant presence throughout the dinner that you prepared for Owner and the washing up afterwards and which you can still feel as you type this entry.

And the cause of my current 'condition'? Being made to bend over the sofa, lift up my skirt, remove my panties and spread my legs as Owner first flogged, then spanked and finally caned my derrier until it was glowing red. Caning completed She then inserted Her fingers, then whole Her hand deep inside my sex, whilst the heel of Her other hand forced my face flat down into the seat of the sofa as She pumped my gaping pussy with Her fist and told me what a dirty, dirty whore i am.

And my response? To readily acknowledge what a slut and whore i am, how i love to be treated like a whore in private and public. As the words tumbled out of me my hips further betrayed my true nature, shamelessly grinding against Owners hand willing it deeper and deeper inside me. My mind filled only with one thought....please don't make this moment stop. But stop it must, dinner had to be served so with a bottom flushed red and laced with welts and a well fucked pussy leaking and burping lube into hastily retrieved panties i hurried to tidy away Owners implements of fun and wrench my brain back to the task in hand, setting the table and feeding the one i love and adore as Her happy wife.


susanrhodes said...

wow - a whole hand. you must be a big slut!!!! makes my eyes water.


Happy pet said...

Grin... years of practice with Owner. We recently had to throw away a load of old dildos and plugs on account of them now being too small!