Owner and i have just returned from a very short trip to Jersey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern England. We were only there for a weekend but there was plenty of time for some of our favourite activities, namely shopping (including some lovely smellies, new panties and a pretty pair of ear-rings for me) and fucking (of me by Owner). i was even fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity to worship Owners delicious derrier with my tongue - i truly was a pampered pet!

During our stay Owner also used the opportunity to take some more photos of me in our hotel room. She adjusted my hair-style and make-up to attempt to create a slightly more 'sophisticated' look - not something that comes naturally to me! We're both very pleased by the results which you can see below;

i think this is also the first time i have ever had a fringe.

Tomorrow we're off to see the new James Bond movie and who knows maybe this will provide inspiration for some 0007 related challenges - pussy galore? :) Both of us are now also counting down the weeks until my new chastity device arrives - it's high time i got locked safely away again!


dave94015 said...

I like how your dress reveals your tats! "Smellies" are scented clothes or perfumes? Classy look!

Happy pet said...

Thanks for dropping by Dave and yes, love showing off my tats. The smellies comment refers to some scented draw liners we bought that now make all my clothes smell heavenly.


susanrhodes said...

loving the last 2 photos, but i think you should smile a bit more!!

us girls are happy when we are girls!!


Happy pet said...

Oh Susan that is soo true, made Owner and i both agree. i was having fun it is just i am hopeless when it comes to smiling in photos, the ability seems to completely escape me at times. My sister always has a lovely smile but most times i look as rigid as a plank! Definitely something to practice.