After our travels over Xmas and New Year Owner and i have enjoyed a relaxing time at home this weekend. i got to do some baking again after a break of a few weeks and it provided us with an opportunity to plan out a few things for the coming year which promise to be very exciting indeed...but i'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see what they are.

Our experience with the new Jailbird chastity device continues to be a positive one. Owner thinks it is the prettiest device we have had to date and i love the feeling of being locked inside it. The device remains on 24/7 and i hope it will become a constant presence save for when we are having to fly somewhere - it's metal construction would send airport scanners into meltdown! It is also the smallest device i have ever worn which makes for uncomfortable erections, but of course this is as they should be :).

Owner has also been encouraging me to share Her (and mine) new found passion for bloomers more widely by posing in our lounge window whilst wearing them for anyone passing by to see. The picture below shows the outfit i was posing in;

and this is the view from the street outside;
Owner says She loves having me pose for Her (and anyone else who may be passing!) in our lounge window and i confess that i love doing so too. However, whilst over the years i have grown increasingly shameless and will now do and wear things that would have mortified me until a few years ago (thanks in great part to Owners training and encouragement) there remains one area in which i am still fairly shy - namely the public wearing of obvious symbols of my submission to Owner.

i should explain myself at this point. My body is adorned with many temporary and permanent symbols of my submission to Owner and of Her ownership of me, ranging from tattoos, to bracelets, neck, nipple and belly chains and tags, collars (with and without cuffs) and chastity device. i softly jangle and jingle as i walk from the sound of the little charms and bell attached to my various pieces of jewellery all of which signify my status as Owners pet, Her slut, possession and whore. i always strive to look pretty whether Owner is around or not so that She might be proud of me (though i confess i also love being feminine). It makes no difference whether i am at home, in public with Owner or without Her, what i wear and how i look is the same....all that is apart from when i am at work or with family. Then i still wear everything i would normally do as described above save for one item, namely my collar.  i am wearing the collar i am referring to in the photograph below which was taken today in the local park:

You will see it in all the photos of me that appear in this blog. It is a lovely collar and yet, despite this i have never had the courage to wear it to work or visiting my family. However, in a recent post by Tamara about  her husband Rene's new collar she wonderfully describes his family's reaction and that of his work colleagues when he wore his collar in front of them. This got me thinking, why don't i wear mine to work or in front of my family - after all they've seen the make-up i wear and my family even got to read a Christmas list a few years back that was intended solely for Owners eyes only and which i sent to them in error, much to my horror ... they never did send me a butt plug (lol!). But yet i have never worn my collar. Maybe after reading about Rene's experience i too will pluck-up the courage to wear mine.


Tamara said...

Keep thinking about it and listen to your heart (and perhaps your owner, if she has an opinion on that matter).
If you have shunned wearing it at work and with your family for so long, there might be a good reason for it.

What ever you decide to do, I wish you good luck.


Happy pet said...

Many thanks Tamara and wise words. After thinking about it and talking about it with Owner i took the plunge today...and survived :-)i hope this will now be my new normal.