This morning after preparing Owners breakfast we both retired back to bed.  Owner instructed me that i was to remove my nightie and get into the bed with Her naked. Owner then began to caress my titties before moving down to caress and lightly spank my chastised clitty - causing it to swell and bulge out between the gaps in its metal cage, much to Owners delight. Owner said how much She loves my new chastity device as it gives me a nice shaped clitty - soft  and round and swollen like a plum which She loves to then spank and tease. It has been 29 days since my last orgasm and i was quickly purring and moaning like a true whore as Owner took me to ever higher states of arousal with Her touches and caresses. Just when i thought my frustrated arousal could not get more intense She then switched attention to caressing my pussy causing my hips to hungrily thrust towards Her and my hands to grasps my buttocks, stretching them apart.

'Is my petty horny?' whispered Owner. To which of course the response was, yes extremely. 'Show Owner what a horny dirty slut you are by playing with your pussy for me in front of the window'. No sooner had Owner given Her instructions than i was out of the bed, curtains pulled open and licking my fingers before slipping them inside my pussy as i stood in front of our bedroom window, fucking myself like a whore with my fingers for all the world to see whilst Owner watched.

Owner observed me for a while and then turned me around and presented one of Her delicious breasts for me to suckle upon as She pleasured Herself with a vibrator. She then plugged in Her Magic Wand, lay back onto the bed and pulled me over to suck and lick Her breasts whilst the wands powerful vibrations pulsed between Her thighs. Owner alternated between pleasuring Herself and then applying the wands vibrating tip to the base of my locked clitty, driving me wild, before returning to bring Herself to first one then another orgasm as i watched in delighted awe at the pleasure She was experiencing.

Satiated Owner turned off the device and pulled me to Her side under the duvet so that my head was resting on Her chest, my clitty swollen and tight and my titties alive to the merest touch.  She informed me that as i was so hot and horny and aroused when we go and meet up with friends of ours later today for afternoon tea at a London hotel She expects me to need to cool down. Accordingly, during tea i am to excuse myself, go to the restroom and remove my panties and run them under a cold tap until they are wet through. Then i am to go into a toilet cubicle and cool my hot titties, clitty and pussy down with my wet panties before placing them in my pocket and re-joining the party for the rest of tea. During this time i am then to discretely transfer my panties into my bag. It promises to be a fun afternoon after a wonderful start to the day.