After over forty days of being in chastity and denial Owner released me from my device yesterday. Much as She likes to have me locked up Owner also likes to take the opportunity to tease, torment and caress my unlocked clitty and She seized the opportunity to do just that tonight after dinner. i was in the kitchen washing up and following my new washing up routine, namely with my mouth gagged with the dildo gag and with my skirt hitched up exposing my naked derrier (this being a Monday today is a no panties day for me).

Anyway, as i was cleaning the dishes Owner came up behind me and began to tease and caress my unlocked clitty until it was fully aroused, causing me to struggle to main concentration on the dish washing task in hand. Owner then began to spank my bottom with Her hand and then to spank my clitty with a wooden spoon. She then grabbed the paddle that hangs next to the sink and proceeded to spank my bottom hard with that whilst alternating with Her other hand to continue to beat my clit with the spoon.

My bottom was glowing red and my clitty was throbbing from all the attention they were receiving when Owner led me away from the sink and had me bend over our kitchen table. She then retrieved Her cane from its stand in the hall and set about caning my bottom and clitty, administering over one hundred strokes across my cheeks whilst also ensuring that the tip of my clit itself also received a caning. Owner then had me lower my throbbing bottom onto our kitchen barstool so that She could securely lock my wrists in place underneath the seat of the stool ensuring that i could not move. She then attached nipple clamps to my titties before returning Her attention again to my clitty. Owner repeatedly struck me across the top of my swollen clitty before then masturbating me close to orgasm and then stopping and resuming Her work with the cane. My clit was terribly aroused and each time Owner edged me a little closer to coming until eventually She granted me permission to cum. Pulling my head back roughly with Her hands She used Her cane to strike me even more firmly across my exposed little clit which pulsed and spurted mess all over Her cane, the stool, my belly and the kitchen table in response. Owner had me lick my mess from Her cane with my tongue before remarking 'now lock yourself back into chastity and finish off the washing up'


Miss Christina said...

I think Jay would go totally nuts if I locked him up for 40 days of no direct teasing. He is a rather spoiled slut in that I prefer him unlocked so I can edge him so much, and so far keep the use of his device for punishment only. I cannot imagine though how sensitive you must be to the touch after that much time locked.

Happy pet said...

Miss Christina - thanks you for your comments. Although locked up Owner is still able to arouse me (albeit somewhat uncomfortably!) especially when playing with my titties, fucking me or caning my testicles. In fact although thankfully extremely uncommon i have in the past had the occasional 'accident' but am happy to report that although i did produce cum they were in fact a totally ruined orgasms in that i derived no orgasmic pleasure from them it was more as though i had just leaked semen - which indeed i had. i never really enjoyed penetrative sex (have always obtained most pleasure from giving rather than receiving - same reason i never enjoyed receiving oral sex either) and so do not miss that and Owner states that She is happy to be satisfied in other ways.