Owner told me the other day that She wanted me to accompany Her down to the park wearing just my long winter coat, boots, a top and over the knee socks and show Her what a slut i am by posing for Her for some photos. Owner indicated that if i completed the photoshoot to Her satisfaction then i could expect to receive similar assignments albeit with the addition of butt plugs and nipple clamps etc.

Being the dirty little exhibitionist that i am Owners instruction caused great excitement and anticipation for yours truly as the allotted day of the shoot drew near. However, Owners plans were thrown off course by the onset of a nasty cold which left Her quite poorly. Ideas for photoshoots were put to one side as i sought to nurse Owner back to health. However, Her recovery proved to take longer than we expected (and She is still not anywhere close to being fully recovered) whilst meanwhile the weather in London turned much colder again. This evening though Owner felt sufficiently well to advise that, yes She would like to do the photoshoot. Thus it was that we headed to a local park the biting cold wind whistling up around my locked clitty. Owner is very pleased with how i got on :

heading into the park
coat unzipped waiting for my cue
just as it says on the t-shirt 

Photos taken we then walked a lap around the park before heading back home. i loved the feeling of knowing that underneath my coat there was not a lot that i was wearing, especially when we popped into a shop to get some milk and i had to bend over to pick it out of the fridge. i can't wait for the next time :)

It seems strange to think that only just over a year ago i could barely walk more than a few yards and as a result 90% of the little daily routines that Owner and i had grown accustomed to me doing for Her were just impossible to complete. Out went the cleaning, out went the massages, out went the regular canings in fact out went pretty much everything we had slowly developed over the period of our Femdom relationship as i became almost wholly dependent upon Her as i was essentially unable to walk, bend or sit.

Well that was just over one year ago and a lot has happened in the past year. Thanks to the 'miracle' of pilates i gradually regained the use of an 'almost' totally normal back. We travelled (a lot) and we moved house but many of the routines that i had established and grown accustomed to remained undone as we were both very cautious about what i did and did not do. However, in these past few months i am pleased to say that things are now almost, almost back to where we were forced to abandon them by my temporary incapacity. i now perform daily cleaning duties and tasks and have resumed full responsibility for keeping the flat looking as Owner would like. Owners is again now receiving massages and pedicures, i am back locked-up essentially full-time and the canings and other forms of discipline have returned. Over a year ago we were both 'used' to a caning involving me receiving just over 200 strokes - after first being warmed-up with Owners hand and a flogger and/or paddle. When i say 200 strokes i don't mean stand back and run at the victim kind of strikes but still they were pretty hard and the first 100 were administered with Owners stiff cane and the remainder with Her very flexible 'whippy' one. It took quite some time to build me up to being able to take that number and the sudden loss of practice had quite an impact. However, we are now back over the 120 a caning mark (tonight's total) so hopefully well on the way to get back to the 200+ mark.

In fact about the only thing that continued to develop and progress over the time since my back went was my femming. i am now (perhaps overly) confident about wearing full make-up to work and completely women's attire without worrying, have had my ears pierced. i have also recently started wearing my collar to work too, including to a recent work conference. What with that and being photographed/videoed by Owner and becoming much, much more of the exhibitionist i always fantasised about i can no longer try to claim to be shy - though i still maintain that essentially i am.

Owner and i have also recently started discussing further ways that She and i would like me and our relationship to develop and evolve which, no doubt will appear hear over time - well we hope they will. But tonight as i was bent over the sofa, mouth gagged, hands secured behind my back, nipples clamped hard, clitty safely locked, derriere glowing hot and sore from its caning whilst my hips eagerly bounced up and down as Owner instructed me to fuck the dildo She had thrust into my pussy harder and harder still to show Her what a slut i am...as i was doing that and then later again as i was cleaning the bathroom i was reminded of quite how wonderful my life with my Owner is and what an eventful year/14 months we have had and how grateful i am to Her for all of the care, love and devotion She showed me (and continues to show me) and how i can't wait for our lives to continue to evolve together. i never really say it enough but thank you Owner, quite simply you are my world.
Owner and i have just returned from a beer and cake fuelled few days in Saltzburg. It was our first visit to this city and we had a really enjoyable stay. Owner granted me permission to be released from chastity the day we departed until we got back home a few hours ago (i am back locked up now). We stayed in an apartment just a stones throw from the river in the New Town meaning we could easily explore the city on foot at our leisure. Although the weather was cold and wet/snowy this didn't prevent us from getting out and about and seeing a good part of what the city has to offer, as well as sampling a wide cross section of the local beers and cakes, not to mention the dumplings, schnitzel and sausages - this really is not a city in which to try and diet! Oh well that will have to start in earnest later this week.

Here are a few shots taken of the city;

 Whilst in the apartment Owner also took the opportunity to takes some photos of me undertaking my favourite activity, namely posing for Her! As you can see i also finally got my haircut about two weeks ago and we are both really happy with my new style;

There were also a couple of opportunities for some out and about shots in the city of me being silly. The first is of me attempting (and spectacularly failing!) to fellate one of a series of large gherkin type sculptures that we came across

Whilst who could resist an opportunity that a sign like this presents?
Sadly our short trip to Saltzburg was over all too soon but we had an excellent time.