Owner told me the other day that She wanted me to accompany Her down to the park wearing just my long winter coat, boots, a top and over the knee socks and show Her what a slut i am by posing for Her for some photos. Owner indicated that if i completed the photoshoot to Her satisfaction then i could expect to receive similar assignments albeit with the addition of butt plugs and nipple clamps etc.

Being the dirty little exhibitionist that i am Owners instruction caused great excitement and anticipation for yours truly as the allotted day of the shoot drew near. However, Owners plans were thrown off course by the onset of a nasty cold which left Her quite poorly. Ideas for photoshoots were put to one side as i sought to nurse Owner back to health. However, Her recovery proved to take longer than we expected (and She is still not anywhere close to being fully recovered) whilst meanwhile the weather in London turned much colder again. This evening though Owner felt sufficiently well to advise that, yes She would like to do the photoshoot. Thus it was that we headed to a local park the biting cold wind whistling up around my locked clitty. Owner is very pleased with how i got on :

heading into the park
coat unzipped waiting for my cue
just as it says on the t-shirt 

Photos taken we then walked a lap around the park before heading back home. i loved the feeling of knowing that underneath my coat there was not a lot that i was wearing, especially when we popped into a shop to get some milk and i had to bend over to pick it out of the fridge. i can't wait for the next time :)


Anonymous said...

What a good little slut you were for your owner. That outfit is sexy and you were quite exposed. I wonder if anyone caught a peek at you standing there like that. How nice that she uses you so well. I enjoy humiliating my slave too but not living in such an open city it is hard to pull something like this off for us.

Happy pet said...

Thank you Miss Christina, Owner knows i am a little exhibitionist slut and likes to exploit that fact.


Tamara said...

Nice and slutty - and very daring as always...

Happy pet said...

Thank you Tamara


Mistress Marie said...
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