Owner and i had such a wonderful day yesterday which ended with us both dancing the night away in the art deco splendor of the Rivoli Ballroom in South London at the wonderful Magic Theatre Ball. The day started well with us both lounging around in bed after having been out for a few drinks the night before at a local bar. However, after a short while Owner grew restless and began to tease and caress me until She had my little clit bulging right out of its metal cage. Even Owner seemed surprised at quite how aroused i evidently was as evidenced by the bulging and engorged flesh protruding out through the bars of the cage!

Suitably impressed by Her actions Owner then turned to pleasure Herself with Her vibrator whilst also issuing the following intrsuction;

'Lick my arse!'

Are there any better words in the English language? There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure or satisfaction than to bury my tongue between Owners wonderful cheeks and probe and lick Her delicious derriere, my clitty safely locked away and denied so that all my attention is rightly focussed on Her satisfaction. Owner then brought Herself to a juddering orgasm through a combination of Her vibrator and my oral ministrations - it was a lovely way to start a day.

A while ago Owner had discovered an irregular nightclub/ball that takes place in a local 1930s art deco ballroom that opens a few times a year for such events (incidentally its interior features in the new Lana De Ray song - Burning Desire). The night in question is a combination of cabaret, live band and retro pop - what makes it such a fantastic night out though is its happy and eclectic mix of gay, straight, trans, CD and all in-between patrons. We were both excited at the idea of going and last night was THE night.

We had the most fantastic time, i have not danced so much in years and years and it was wonderful to go somewhere all dressed up and yet which was so close to where we live too and so didn't require a massive trek across London. The following are some pictures from the evening, including a rare (for this blog) shot of my beautiful Owner. We will most definitely be going back

me all dressed up
my gorgeous Owner           
strutting my stuff [Edit by Owner - this shot sums up poppets personality]
It was a thoroughly enjoyable night out and one we would both highly recommend.


Armando said...

That sounds like a fantastic place, lovely theme and such openness to express freely. The world is certainly moving forward. My Wife and I are just settling in to a nice gay/alternative club. We love matching in andro/fem attire as close as possible. Cheers and I love the red combination, you were certainly your Owner's doll for the night

Mistress Marie said...

Sounds like you and your owner had a wonderful night and you both looked wonderful too. Nice to see your owner's smiling face.

Does your owner make you call her owner, or does she have you call her Mistress or some other title?

Thanks for sharing.

Happy pet said...

Armando - many thanks for your comment and yes we both really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely be going back and to similar events the organisers run. Glad to hear that you and your Wife have a similar place you both enjoy. Thanks also for your comment on the outfit.


Mistress Marie - many thanks for your lovely compliments. Yes Owner has me call Her 'Owner' at all times unless doing so would cause Her some embarrassment. She generally calls me pet, petty, slut, whore or wifey.

What do you call David and he you?


Mistress Marie said...

I call David slut, whore, pig, and sometimes baby :)

He calls me baby or Mistress or Honey depending on the situation.