The other evening found me bent over the sofa as Owner 'fed' me a handful of my own cum that She had scooped up from the towel covering the sofa. Having previously released me from chastity Owner had just finished administering a caning after which She'd had me fellate a dildo and masturbate to orgasm (permitted) whilst Her fingers played with and explored my pussy. Just before i came Owner advised me that we needed to have a meeting to discuss a few things. As i tidied away the toys and returned my spent clitty back to its cage the agenda for the meeting emerged and there were three key items for discussion:
  • dildo
  • DIY
  • behaviour
Owner advised that She needed a new dildo and also that we needed to do an audit of  our exiting ones to identify those that need to go to the great sex shop in the sky. Specifically, Owner wanted to get another harness compatible dildo that She would find comfortable to wear, had a built-in vibrator so that She had fun too and which, and this was the most crucial point, was wider and thicker than Her current thickest vibrating dildo. After much measuring and researching on the net She settled on this little beauty from Fetish Fantasy on the Lovehoney website

At a good 8+ inches long and 7.5 inches in circumference it promises to provide a filling ride. It's due for delivery this weekend, not that i am counting down the hours or anything! Meanwhile we will be auditing the other dildos Owner has and also looking into a more convenient storage method for those dildos and their butt plug and vibrator pals that survive the cull  over the weekend too.

Second item on the agenda was DIY. We are about to embark on what will be almost the final leg of DIY in our new flat so the next month promises to be one involving a fair amount of painting! However, once it is finished that will almost be that and there will be no real need for much further work. So there are a few days of me being up a ladder to come but then it will largely be over barring a few non-urgent jobs, which is good.

The last subject we discussed was that of behaviour and specifically of course mine. Owner expressed Herself to be pleased with how i settled back to completing my daily chores and routines and finally also seem to be making improvements with my Spanish studies too. However, She also stated that She felt i was at times a little too chilled and that this would have to end. i thanked Owner and agreed She was correct in Her analysis. Accordingly, She will be providing me with an updated list of instructions to further adjust and refine my development this weekend which i greatly look forward to receiving.

So, that is what we have been upto these past few days. Oh, except how could i forget, the exciting things i have been hinting at are starting to move from the ideas to the planning stage. All will be revealed later but i can say it does involve us traveling back to the USA later this year.


Mistress Marie said...

Very nice post, and a lucky little slut who got to cum ;). I am wondering how long my whore will be denied this time around.

So far I think he is clueless.

That dildo looks interesting, please share once it gets tested out.

Happy pet said...

Mistress Marie - thank you and yes i will share details.


Tamara said...

Cultural differences are so fascinating.
You describe the dildo as "a good 8+ inches long and 7.5 inches in circumference". Ok, I've learned to handle inches. 8 inches are about 20 cm. - But what the hell are 7.5 inches in circumference? We do not use circumference. We use diameter. I find it much more convenient (probably because I'm used to it). I can easily measure the diameter with a ruler. To measure circumference, I need something flexible...
Anyway, since I am not used to circumference as a measurement, 19 cm doesn't mean much more to me than 7.5 inches. So, I'll have to divide by 3.14. 6 cm. WOW. That's a lot...
I'm curious: Your owner is from Spain. What does she prefer? Diameter or circumference?

Happy pet said...

Hi Tamara - actually diameter is probably more commonly used here too. i only gave the circumference as that was all they gave on the website and is (as you say) the measurement around the dildo at its widest point. Personally, both Owner and i would usually refer to the diameter.

Anyway, the dildo arrived super fast (Lovehoney are extremely fast with deliveries) and so i can confirm that it has an actual circumference less than stated (6.5 inches or 16.5cm as opposed to the 7.5 inches stated) - which translates into a diameter of 5.5cm, less than we'd thought but not bad.

Unfortunately, Owner has not been well these past few days and so She has not been able to test Her new toy yet. However, we'll report back when She does. It does, however, look beautiful. i have discovered that the manufacturer also makes a bigger one :)


bob said...

Hi on reading this post mistress clicked on the link to lovehoney and found the Julian snelling jewelled butt plug i was told to buy it as mistress thought my arse would look nice with it in after a good paddling i have bought the clear crystal one should arrive today so thankyou for providing the useful link to their website she can't wait to try it out on me

Happy pet said...

Hi bob - thanks for your comment and i am delighted you found the link useful. i think they are a good on-line retailer and they always delivery very promptly. 'Enjoy' the plug - i have my eye on the bunny tail one.