Apologies for the gap between posting of late but there has been a very good reason - namely Owner and i have bee on a two week holiday to Montenegro (we also spent a weekend in Dubrovnik, Croatia and travelled around Bosnia too). Both of us had an absolutely wonderful time and are rather sad to be back home. The return is particularly difficult for Owner as they are making redundancies at Her work.

However, back to the holiday. The scenery in the Balkans is stunning and the Bay of Kotor (where we based ourselves) is no exception, this is just a typical view of the bay;

And a selection of some other shots from places we visited during our stay;

The Balkans really are a beautiful part of the world, especially at this time of year.

However, it would of course not be us if we did not seek out some additional and less conventional photo opportunities, especially ones in which i get to act like the exhibitionist tart and slut that i am. i am pleased to say that there were a number of such opportunities :)

As the sign says (well almost!). Owner is particularly proud of me in this one as this was actually a fairly busy road around Kotor Bay at the entrance to the little village of Strp - we immediately new what i had to do! However, this was not the only opportunity. Here i am taking in the view;
Having fun 'in nature' in one of the national parks;
Preparing for a video shoot;
Making the most of a weekend stay in a hotel in Dubrovnik;

Getting 'caught' out in the act of doing a little seafront posing (my look is explained by the sudden appearance of two other people and a rapid onset of shyness on my part - something i must learn to try to overcome if i am truly to become the tarty slut Owner desires!);

And more relaxed posing on the terrace of our apartment;

As you can probably tell from the photos Owner permitted me to remove my chastity device for the entire duration of our holiday and even allowed me to have two permitted orgasms - the first after Owner had first gagged me and then ridden my face whilst pleasuring Herself with Her vibrator until cumming then having me masturbate myself to orgasm for Her and the second after She had fucked me hard with Her strapon - i really was a very lucky slut indeed.

i was also quite proud of myself for having worn my collar and make-up and women's clothing throughout our holiday - including whilst crossing numerous border checkpoints. The average Balkan male is not always famed for his tolerance but we encountered no problems, not even in the more remote mountain regions, when someone wearing a collar and make-up turned up in their village cafe, though i only wore a skirt for specific video shoots with Owner which were away (mostly) from prying eyes. i was nervous about being so attired away from the safety of a city and a society i know but i need not have worried. However, i am sure the fact that we were a couple helped, i'm not so sure what reaction i would have had if i was alone. i even did some clothes shopping and purchased some women's tops and was asked if i'd like to try them on first in the changing room to check their fit - though admittedly this was at Dubrovnik airport so technically i suppose it doesn't count in the same way.

The one 'negative' of the holiday though was that Owner identified i had an occasional tendency to lapse towards trying to be assertive/authoritative on occasion when acting as Her chauffeur. Owner doesn't drive and i enjoy the opportunities a hire car presents to be Her chauffeur and drive Her around but i must be alert to this tendency to allow my behaviour to be affected when behind the wheel - it is not good and i am grateful to Owner for correcting me.


Mistress Marie said...

These pictures are wonderful. The scenery and you.

Hope you are all better now with your tummy. I am but I got my slave sick :(