Whilst Owner and i were on our holidays in the Balkans Owner shot a couple of little videos of me. This first one is me posing next to the road and our hire car on the Lustica peninsula


Whilst this next one is me looking very nervous indeed whilst undressing and playing with myself on a beach near to the wonderful island of Sv Stefan. i think i can safely say that the porn industry is a better place for my absence!

We both really enjoy making these little films and although i am naturally quite an exhibitionist and have been since i was a child i still have some way to go until i have become the totally wanton performer Owner deserves. i remain somewhat shy still but am gradually becoming less so under Owners supervision and guidance.

Now we are back home Owner is in the midst of the horror of workplace redundancies and having to compete for Her job with other colleagues. i really do feel for Her as it is a horrible situation to be in. Hopefully, however, it will be over soon with a positive outcome for Her. Meanwhile, Her parents are coming to visit soon for a week so i have been trying to ensure that everything is in the flat is to a standard that will pass 'inspection'.

Despite this we have also been trying to further our plans for the remainder of what will be a very exciting year for us both with a number of developments planned. One wonderful event Owner has planned by way of Her anniversary present to me is that She is getting me pierced in my belly button (to compliment my nipple and ear piercings). Accordingly, this morning as we snuggled in bed together Owner researched different ideas for ring designs to adorn my belly. i can't wait to be able to parade around in a short little top with a nipple ring glittering and twinkling above my belly chain. i love being adorned this way and know that i am very lucky to have an Owner who is also happy to have Her pet decorated in this manner.

Incidentally, you may have noticed the new map and photo widget that has appeared on the side of the blog. It is an experiment. Owner said it would be nice to have a map record of my challenges on the blog. This is an attempt to create something like. i have only put a few things on it at the moment. If anyone has any comments/suggestions about it or a better map widget to use please do let us know.