Today was the 8th anniversary of the day when Owner and i first met in person. Each year we have a little routine which sees us return to the same tube station where we first clapped eyes on one another (Bond Street) and then we head off for a meal at the same restaurant we visited that same day 8 years ago. However, this year Owner decided to give the occasion a little twist by instructing that i was to pose as a Bond girl in the tube station.

Well, i am certainly no Honor Blackman (though i do have pussy galore!) and wasn't sure that, even were i to own one, i have the courage to wear a bikini in rush hour in central London ala Ursula Andrews. Instead, i would just have to try and make do with some of the clothes that i have and try to compliment them with a suitable Bond girl type pose. Well you can decide for yourselves whether or not i succeeded in completing Owners challenge to me or not (i was quite pleased as though they look empty the platforms were actually quite busy with people);

i also opted for the pretend i am holding a gun just by using my fingers pose as these days getting out a toy plastic gun on the tube probably risks a whole heap of trouble!

We both also had a lovely meal at the Italian restaurant and i stumbled across the most delightful little dress in a shop just outside, i'd so love that dress!

Sorry it has been a while again since my last post. We've been entertaining relatives and then travelling a bit ourselves and generally not feeling our usual selves. However, we have a slightly more normal period coming up when hopefully we can get back to being our usual selves and doing our usual routines.  i also hope to get my lovely belly ring fitted next Friday which i can't wait to show off to the world.

Hope all is well with you wherever you are reading this in the world. And lastly, for Owner, thank you for the best 8 years of my are quite simply amazing and i love you with all my heart.