Owner and i had such a wonderful day yesterday. Owner stated that She wants me to remain out of chastity for a few days for Her to have an opportunity to play with my clitty. So it was that yesterday morning after being permitted to masturbate Owner to orgasm She then advised that i could rub my clitty between Her legs. Well, it is so rare that i am allowed to get so close to Owner that i got rather excited rather quickly! However, Owner delighted and surprised me by saying that it was ok and that i was allowed to cum...oh it was wonderful to do so and enjoy the sensation rather than it happen whilst i am trying to fight it. i  know that i was very lucky to be permitted such a release and i am very grateful to Owner for allowing me to cum this way.

During the day we both visited our local park which was holding its annual summer fete. Sadly the weather was pretty un-summerlike, very windy and occasional showers. We'd seen advertisements that there was going to be an 'unusual vegetable competition'. Unfortunately, if it was there we didn't see it. However, it did give Owner an idea for a couple of vegetable-related photos:

Vegetable silliness over we then headed home to start getting ready for our our absolutely favourite night out, namely The Magic Theatre at the Rivoli Ballroom. It really is a wonderful night out in an amazing art deco ballroom. For anyone that likes to dress-up we really would recommend it. Here is Owner looking gorgeous waiting to depart from our flat;

and then here we are in the venue:

We danced and we danced and we danced and had a wonderful time.