This evening was the moment when i had to complete the ice cube challenge Owner had set for me, namely to order some iced water in our local bar and then first caress my titties with a piece of ice and then go to the bathroom and insert the remainder of the cubes in my pussy. Here i am looking all relaxed before the challenge started;

Incidentally, the top i am wearing is a gift from Owner. She bought three size extra small/small tops from GAP recently all of which were too big for Her (She is an extra small or size 0) - clearly there was a fuck-up with the sizing as there is no way i am a small! However, Owner donated all three tops to me and even accessorised them for me (She added the wooden flowers on this one) - how lucky i am.

However, i digress. First i took an ice cube and caressed my titty and then i took the remaining cubes out of the glass - popped them into a small plastic bag and trotted off to the bathroom and popped them up into my pussy. Remarkably, all stayed in place. i  then wearily pulled my knickers and jeans back up and returned to my seat next to Owner in the bar. i sat back down on my jacket in case i suddenly 'leaked' but, whether it was the fact i was sat in the same position for a while or not i don't know, i was able to spend another hour sat on the seat with a pussy full of iced (albeit quickly warming and melting) water without any obvious signs of seepage. Of course, it couldn't last and so it was that as Owner and i walked around our local park on the way back home from the bar my 'waters broke' and i got to experience the full joy of suddenly feeling my panties fill with liquid as water squirted down into them and trickled down my legs. It was lovely to be able to escort my Owner whilst dripping wet :)

Whilst in the park i also couldn't resist the opportunity to flash my titties to Owner :)

Meanwhile, as we were walking around Owner spotted a sign advertising a forthcoming community event which gave Her a rather interesting idea. The sign indicated that there is to be a community festival held in the park which, amongst other things, will include a 'Vegetable or fruit modelling competition - any theme - under 12s only'. Well, Owner has decided that there really should be an adult theme and that i should enter. So it looks like i may find a use for our left over where did i put that aubergine?.....