Yesterday i met-up Owner after work at Liverpool Street station and we both headed down to Tattoo a go-go to get my belly button pierced. The tattoo a go-go parlour is a really nice-looking place run by a couple of women. i had brought along the two belly rings that Owner had bought me for our anniversary and explained how i would like to have one of them fitted. Unfortunately, this was the first time the piercer had seen this style of ring and she explained that she didn't think she would be able to use it as she had some concerns about whether it would be the right size.

i was disappointed but thought, well i can at least get my belly pierced, let it heal and then see if i can fit Owners lovely rings in later. Thus, instead of having Owner pretty metal ring inserted into my belly i instead had a fairly standard bar fitted. We had both looked forward to my wearing Owners jewellery and i remain hopeful that i can, after all it is quite normal to wear fairly plain stud type rings when you first get your ears etc pierced and then replace them with designs more to your liking when the site has healed. i hope that in about a month or two i will be able to replace my new ring with one of the lovely designs Owner chose for me. However, in the meantime i am really pleased to have my belly pierced.

The picture below is of my newly (still a little bloody!) pierced belly