This morning Owner and i retired back to bed after i had made breakfast. It was wonderful to lie next to each other with Owner spooning me as is Her custom knowing that we have all of the time in the world to do as little or as much as we liked. It wasn't long before Owner's fingers began to caress and explore my body, Her hands wandering across my breasts, pinching and pulling at my nipples and then exploring between my buttocks. Being the slut i am i couldn't help but part my thighs and push myself harder against Owners body.

After teasing and caressing me like this for a while and causing my little clitty to swell and strain within its cage Owner then instructed me to fetch the dildo gag and lock it in place. As i was doing this Owner selected the large, heavy metal butt plug and told me to place that inside my pussy whilst She selected one of Her new vibrators. With my clitty caged, my pussy plugged and my gagged Owner slipped the vibrator between Her legs and ground Her hips against mine and pulled and twisted my nipples. As She pleasured Herself this way Owner kept saying how much She liked using me like a slut and how She loved that i had a mouthful of cock, courtesy of the gag, and couldn't speak whilst She used me as Her toy.

Owner rolled me onto my back and positioned Herself astride my face and lowered Herself down onto my gagged mouth, grinding down and forcing the penis gag deeper into my throat as She simultaneously brought the head of Her vibrator against Her clitoris, clamped my head between Her thighs and rode my face to orgasm. All the while i was inhaling and becoming joyously drunk on the deep musk of Her sex as Her thighs gripped my head tighter and tighter.It was a joyous sight to behold as my Owner bucked and ground, Her face a mask of pleasure and concentration as Her hips quivered and shuddered until finally She collapsed forward happily spent and exhausted and we snuggled back up together until i was instructed to go and make some coffee for Her.

It is such an honour to be used this way by Owner for Her pleasure and i will never tire of the thrill of knowing how much She enjoys using my body this way. As for me it is now almost two months since i was last permitted an orgasm and i have to say that with each passing day of denial the more my body craves the continuation of its deliciously enforced abstinence. As the song says 'heaven is a place on earth' and for me that heaven is being used by Owner for Her pleasure whilst my own continues to be wonderfully denied.