This evening Owner told me to lie down naked on the bed as She wanted to change Her usual caning routine. Instead of caning my derriere Owner announced that She wanted to have a go at the exposed bits of my chastised clitty with Her riding crop. Accordingly, i was soon lying on my back on the bed with my legs spread and a chain connecting my collar to the tip of my Jailbird chastity device so that it was pulled upwards to fully 'reveal' my bits.

Owner alternated between gently cropping my titties and my clitty before starting to up the tempo and deliver a succession of firmer strikes to those bits of my clitty which hang outside of the chastity device and which were helplessly exposed before Her. Owner had just started to get into Her stride with the cane when disaster struck. With no warning and though still firmly constrained inside its chastity cage my clitty suddenly started to leak semen. Thin sticky fluid was soon dribbling down my thigh....much to both our surprise. i uttered a flustered and profuse apology whilst Owner asked how that could have happened? It didn't feel like an orgasm but my prostrate wasn't being stimulated so it couldn't have been a milking. It was just a sudden and unexpected leak and substantial leak of semen. It wasn't pleasurable (though nor was it unpleasurable) but it was a disappointment.

Meanwhile, and on a completely different subject, my father and his girlfriend have been staying with us for a few days. Throughout their visit i have continued to wear makeup and my collar. This is the first time i have done this in front of any family member. Last night we all went out for a meal and both he and his girlfriend mentioned what an unusual chain i was wearing. Owner, my dad, his girlfriend and i then had a short conversation about what it was made of (steel wire) before the conversation moved on. Had you told me only a few months ago that i would have not only worn my collar in front of my dad but happily discussed it with him in a restaurant (though he never asked its meaning and i didn't offer an explanation) i would not have believed you. It's funny how 'normal' wearing it and makeup everyday, including at work, has now become. i no longer even really think twice about or worry about.