Owner and i have just returned from a short trip to Aberdeenshire in Scotland. We took a Friday evening flight from London City airport and touched down in Aberdeen just under 90 minutes later. Travelling by plane meant that Owner released me from chastity (to avoid metal detector shennanigans) and She instructed me to keep my 'clitty free' all weekend.

On the Saturday we  took the train out of Aberdeen down the coast to Stonehaven and then walked along the coast to the ruins of Dunnottar castle which occupies an amazing location and which has had a very violent past, including the burning to death of the entire English garrison stationed there at one time. However, thankfully things are more peaceful now and it we both had a lovely walk along the coast to the castle and back.

On returning to Stonehaven Owner spotted a street that She decided would be a great place for a little public challenge by me. i confess i was a little nervous at first (the spot was right behind a busy pub) but Owner ended up quite happy with results which you can judge for yourself below;

Sunday morning was spent with me on all fours in our hotel room with Owner first having me fellate and gag on Her 8in vibrating red cock and then be fucked by Her with it. My pussy accommodates Owners current cock very easily meaning that little/no preparation is needed on Owners part, just a spot of lube and then in it slides. It feels wonderful to feel Owner buried to the hilt inside me. Once Owner had turned on the vibrating mode and ridden me to Her own orgasm She then instructed me to cum like a slut for Her too. i apologise now to the occupants of the adjoining hotel room if you are reading this,  i think i was quite vocal :)