Today before heading out to work Owner instructed me to spend five minutes on my back in a hip-opening yoga position, called the Supta Baddha Konasana  albeit that Owner instructed that i was to play with my pussy with one finger whilst in the position. The video below is thus my somewhat alternative contribution to the world of yoga positions i also added some clitty slapping as well :).

Meanwhile, today has seen a continuation of the hot weather that has seen London swelter in temperatures touching close to 30 degrees celsius for the past couple of days. Neither Owner nor i are massive fans of the heat (Owner especially not). However, it has had the added bonus for me of providing a rare opportunity to wear my new pretty red Bershka shorts outside. 

Now a few years ago i would not have been seen dead exposing my legs to public gaze whether wearing male or female shorts. Years of smoking had not done good things to my legs and i was incredibly conscious of how marked my veins were, they really were unsightly and i did all i could to hide my legs from view. However, it is now well over two years since Owner and i both quit and i have to say that the effects on my legs have been quite noticeable. Whilst i still have, and always will do, some noticeable veins they are now much less noticeable and i no longer feel the need to hide them away out of sight.

So it was then that today i headed out to the post office and then onto our local supermarket at mid-day in my pretty red shorts, a pair of pumps and a white blouse. It being a Monday i had no panties on under my shorts so as i walked along i could feel the air breezing through my chastised clitty. It was my own version of going commando and also being full metal jacket at the same time! It was great fun.