As part of Her training for Her future wife, Owner requested that i research exercise routines that we could practice together to stay in shape, and also for me to develop a pertier butt. i spent some time researching and even stumbled across a routine on Youtube that was specifically targeted at brides-to-be (you can see the routine in question here).

Anyway, to cut a long story short i now regularly exercise with Owner to try to stay in shape and develop a body that She can be proud of. Of course it wouldn't be proper for me to exercise in anything other than a pink leotard with matching pink weights as you can see below;

i wonder if the day will come when Owner says that i should wear my pretty exercise outfit to the park!

As previously mentioned Owner has provided me with a development plan that She is expecting me to progress through and complete, in order for the next part of Her plan to be revealed to me. It is an iterative and ongoing process which She will update and refine according to the progress i make. All this is part of Owners (and my own) desire to better mould and shape me into becoming Her 'perfect' wife. The plan touches upon all areas of our lives together, but there are two areas of the plan of particular interest and focus to Owner at the moment. One of these concerns my performance as a cook and the other relates to my general fitness and well-being.

Owner is an excellent cook but She rightly expects that i am the person who should undertake most of the cooking at home. This has been the case since we first started living together. i am less of a naturally gifted cook than Owner and tend to rely much more on recipes to work from rather than having the confidence to create my own meals just using whatever ingredients are to hand (as Owner is adept at doing). However, over the years i have become a bit more confident in the kitchen and cooking and baking are both things that i really do enjoy. However, Owner has highlighted that of late i have become a little stuck in my thinking and that i am over-using recipes/meals that i am familiar with and being much less creative and experimental with new dishes for Her to try than She would like. In addition, Owner has also highlighted that i could be better at creating healthier and more nutritious meals for Her. Thus, one of the aspects of Owners plan concerns my development as a cook/chef. In short, Owner expects me to be able to provide Her with a much improved repertoire of healthy meal options than i have been doing. At Owners instruction, i have now created a pinterest recipe board where i am to post recipe ideas i find on the Internet for Her to assess and approve or otherwise. Owner expects that, as Her wife, i will fully provide Her nutritional needs and also ensure that i look to continuously update and change Her meals, be they Her breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

A second area of focus for Owners plan covers what could loosely be described as health and well-being. Owner wants and expects to have as fit and as flexible a wife as possible and one that is in 'good shape'. Owner has pointed out that i could do more to stay trim and that i should start to do more regular toning exercises. Owner has suggested that we could do these together in our local park and has asked that i research some routines we could develop. Owner has also confirmed that She will determine what i shall be wearing when completing these exercises. Some of the routines that i found also involve the use of small dumb bells - Owner has said that i will need to use pink ones.

Related to the above, Owner has now also said that She will determine when and whether i am to be allowed to drink alcohol.

i have to say that i am really relishing the fact that Owner is looking to further Her control over me.
This week Owner presented me with the details of Her plan to further Her control over me. Owners idea is devilishly simple. In short, it is a plan that expands and develops the better i perform and which requires me to continuously update and advise Owner about my progress for Her assessment. Only when each stage of the plan has been completed to Owners satisfaction will the next part of the plan be revealed for me to progress onto.

Confused? It is actually very simple. Owner has created a live document on skydrive the contents of which comprise the activities that Owner expects me to perform. Owner requires that i record examples and evidence of how i have complied with each request (including dates) i am expected to have fully completed and be delivering against all sections of the plan to Owners satisfaction by November. Failure to do so will entail unspecified consequences The itself plan consists of a series of 6 sub-sections currently covering:
  • Home tasks
  • Clothes and make-up
  • New skills
  • General behaviour
  • Finances
  • Slut behaviour/play
Each of the above sub-sections is itself broken down into a series of activities/tasks/behaviours or expectations which i have to record my progress against. When Owner is satisfied that my performance in each of the above sections is satisfactory the section will be colour coded green. When all 6 of these sections have been turned green by Owner and have stayed that way i.e. my progress continues to be satisfactory Owner may then decide to open-up a new section for me to move onto. It reminds me a little of an computer game when you complete a level and then move onto the next.

Anyway, so far so good. Owners plan has had a positive impact upon my performance and motivation. Now i just need to make sure that i keep it up.

This weekend we also managed to get to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A before it ended today. We had tried to get tickets when the exhibition first opened but without success (it's been a sell out) and then kept saying we'd go down one day and queue early for the few tickets they release on the day. However, the weeks passed and suddenly we realised it was the last weekend before the exhibition closed. i confess that it was without much optimism that we'd be successful that we set off yesterday morning to join the crowds patiently waiting outside the museum before the doors opened hoping to secure a ticket for the day. However, our efforts were successful and so we got a chance to pay homage to an artist we both greatly admire.

We also got a chance to see some other exhibits in the museum and Owner, upon seeing the sculpture pictured below immediately remarked 'ohh look petty, it's just like you - flashing it's little clitty'

We ended the day having drinks in our local bar before heading for a walk around the park where i did my obligatory bra flash to round off what had been a most excellent day

This evening Owner administered one of Her regular canings to yours truly. When administering a caning Owner likes and expects to have all of Her 'tools' and implements (and other devices) to hand within easy reach. The canings are always delivered in our lounge with me positioned kneeling on the sofa - a position which Owner finds places me at the perfect height for Her. Beforehand, i try to ensure that the items Owner might require are laid out neatly and easily accessible for Her. The first photo below shows the overall layout with the remaining two showing a selection of the implements and toys Owner has to hand:

Lounge set-up for a caning


This evenings caning was particularly enjoyable. Having first paddled and then flogged my backside to warm it up Owner then administered a sound caning before clamping my nipples and having me then deep throat a dildo for Her amusement. It wasn't long before i was drooling and gagging, saliva starting to soak the cover of the sofa. Owner re-positioned me onto the floor so that i was kneeling between Her legs where upon She forced the dildo deeper down my throat, urging me to suck harder, causing me to gag repeatedly and snort saliva and snot out of my nose and drool all over the floor and my chastised clitty as Owner sought to keep my lips wrapped around the shaft of the dildo whilst She positioned Her vibrator between Her legs and pleasured Herself.

After what seemed like an age of gagging and drooling as i sought to accommodate Owners cock in my throat Owner then re-positioned Herself so that She was facing away from me and brought Her delicious derriere down firmly onto my face and spread Her cheeks apart for my tongue. My nose and tongue were quickly enveloped in Owners wonderful bottom, my tongue probing and licking eagerly as She again brought the vibrator into position between Her legs. And so we stayed, my head buried between Her cheeks, my tongue licking and lapping and probing as Owner sat down on my upturned face and pleasured Herself to orgasm.

It really was a wonderful caning which saw me left happy but denied yet delighted at having had the honour to service Owner and help bring Her pleasure.

As the nursery rhyme goes, 'If you go down to the woods today...' well, woods are made for exploring and having fun in and London has some excellent woodland, a tiny portion of which Owner and i had great fun exploring today. However, as a responsible Owner She made sure that Her pet was leashed and under Her control at all times;

Otherwise, Her pet displayed a distinct tendency to want to flash herself

 Such a slut!

This evening Owner revealed some of Her plans for me for the run up to our 'wedding' - She wants me to have a 'hen' night - WOW!!! how lucky i am! Tonight Owner gave me a wonderful little card whilst we were drinking in our local bar.

As you can see it was super cute but i was soon engrossed in the words Owner had written in the card:

It revealed what Owner had in mind as part of our wedding preparations. It left me very excited

and not just because of the amazing sunset tonight over London

but rather because the card said this

i am going to be having a hen night with a photo shoot in my 'hen' outfit, an overnight stay in a lovely hotel with me doing a hen night strip-tease somewhere in London, followed by dinner and then dancing! What more could a pet want and how spoilt i am!

Seriously, i do have the best Owner there is. Of course, i know that there are other things that Owner has planned, not all of which will be quite as fun, But hey, whilst the sun shines.....

At the start of this year i alluded to something that Owner and i had planned and which we were both very excited about. Well, fast forward seven months and these plans are now fairly well advanced (albeit not everything has been sorted yet).

i have a gorgeous dress chosen by Owner, a very pretty veil and will hopefully soon be taking delivery of the shoes to go with the dress - again expertly chosen by Owner. Meanwhile, Owner has chosen Her outfit.  Yes, you've guessed it - Owner and i are getting 'married'. i say 'married' as we have both been there and done that once before in different relationships. This time, however, i will be having the honour of becoming Owners wife and of accepting and wearing Her ring. It won't be a properly legal wedding - as i say we have both been there and done that before - but it does have all of the emotional investment and commitment in it that one would expect of a wedding. The planning of it also seems to have taken as long as if it were a 'proper' wedding! We have a photographer booked and will be heading off on honeymoon together afterwards. The actual 'ceremony' will be taking place on the occasion of our eighth anniversary as partners/lovers.

i am really thrilled and excited at the prospect of being Owners bride - it will most definitely be the happiest day of my life. What has surprised us both though is how much effort still needs to go into planning such an event, even when it is as small scale as ours is. Simple things, like trying to get a white, as opposed to an ivory, wedding dress and matching white shoes has proven to be much more complicated and time consuming than expected. Owner has invested hours and hours of research into finding outfits and rings etc for the two of us, searching out photographers and the like.

i just can't wait for the 'big day' to come around - but it is still a couple of months off. Owner keeps saying that She regards me as Her wife already and sometimes refers to me as such but i can't wait to be 'married' to Her. To be by Owners side, all dressed up to the nines and trying to make Her proud of Her little slutty wife as i read out my vows to Her will be, for me, the best moment of my life.

Owner, meanwhile has some plans of Her own. i don't know the detail only that i have been told to expect some significant changes. Owner asked me for some ideas as to how i might improve and change aspects of my behaviour and performance and i have submitted these to Her. However, as to the detail of what is contained within what She describes as Her 'Plin, plan, plon' - one of the things i adore about Owner is that She can be as silly as i can be - i have no idea. i guess i will just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, last night we shared a wonderful evening together. As has become the norm for when i am working from home i greeted Her at the train station and walked Her back home. Then before dinner Owner administered a spanking and the a caning to my derriere. Before commencing Owner had me fellate the 8inch strapon She was wearing and She paused on occasion to have me fellate it again and to attach clamps to my nipples. Caning finished Owner then switched Her strapon onto vibrate mode and proceeded to fuck my pussy with it until She orgasmed and then instructed me to masturbate my own un-chastised clitty and 'cum like a whore'...which i did :)