As previously mentioned Owner has provided me with a development plan that She is expecting me to progress through and complete, in order for the next part of Her plan to be revealed to me. It is an iterative and ongoing process which She will update and refine according to the progress i make. All this is part of Owners (and my own) desire to better mould and shape me into becoming Her 'perfect' wife. The plan touches upon all areas of our lives together, but there are two areas of the plan of particular interest and focus to Owner at the moment. One of these concerns my performance as a cook and the other relates to my general fitness and well-being.

Owner is an excellent cook but She rightly expects that i am the person who should undertake most of the cooking at home. This has been the case since we first started living together. i am less of a naturally gifted cook than Owner and tend to rely much more on recipes to work from rather than having the confidence to create my own meals just using whatever ingredients are to hand (as Owner is adept at doing). However, over the years i have become a bit more confident in the kitchen and cooking and baking are both things that i really do enjoy. However, Owner has highlighted that of late i have become a little stuck in my thinking and that i am over-using recipes/meals that i am familiar with and being much less creative and experimental with new dishes for Her to try than She would like. In addition, Owner has also highlighted that i could be better at creating healthier and more nutritious meals for Her. Thus, one of the aspects of Owners plan concerns my development as a cook/chef. In short, Owner expects me to be able to provide Her with a much improved repertoire of healthy meal options than i have been doing. At Owners instruction, i have now created a pinterest recipe board where i am to post recipe ideas i find on the Internet for Her to assess and approve or otherwise. Owner expects that, as Her wife, i will fully provide Her nutritional needs and also ensure that i look to continuously update and change Her meals, be they Her breakfasts, lunches or dinners.

A second area of focus for Owners plan covers what could loosely be described as health and well-being. Owner wants and expects to have as fit and as flexible a wife as possible and one that is in 'good shape'. Owner has pointed out that i could do more to stay trim and that i should start to do more regular toning exercises. Owner has suggested that we could do these together in our local park and has asked that i research some routines we could develop. Owner has also confirmed that She will determine what i shall be wearing when completing these exercises. Some of the routines that i found also involve the use of small dumb bells - Owner has said that i will need to use pink ones.

Related to the above, Owner has now also said that She will determine when and whether i am to be allowed to drink alcohol.

i have to say that i am really relishing the fact that Owner is looking to further Her control over me.