As part of Her training for Her future wife, Owner requested that i research exercise routines that we could practice together to stay in shape, and also for me to develop a pertier butt. i spent some time researching and even stumbled across a routine on Youtube that was specifically targeted at brides-to-be (you can see the routine in question here).

Anyway, to cut a long story short i now regularly exercise with Owner to try to stay in shape and develop a body that She can be proud of. Of course it wouldn't be proper for me to exercise in anything other than a pink leotard with matching pink weights as you can see below;

i wonder if the day will come when Owner says that i should wear my pretty exercise outfit to the park!


Armando said...

Very nice attire hon. I love your legwarmer combination with your tights, very ballet-rific. Great idea as I'm assembling a pony-outfit combo. We can't forget the painted nails. Nothing better than looking good while working out. Cheering here for you from the states, keep it up, keep it locked

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Armando and the pony outfit sounds fun.