This evening Owner revealed some of Her plans for me for the run up to our 'wedding' - She wants me to have a 'hen' night - WOW!!! how lucky i am! Tonight Owner gave me a wonderful little card whilst we were drinking in our local bar.

As you can see it was super cute but i was soon engrossed in the words Owner had written in the card:

It revealed what Owner had in mind as part of our wedding preparations. It left me very excited

and not just because of the amazing sunset tonight over London

but rather because the card said this

i am going to be having a hen night with a photo shoot in my 'hen' outfit, an overnight stay in a lovely hotel with me doing a hen night strip-tease somewhere in London, followed by dinner and then dancing! What more could a pet want and how spoilt i am!

Seriously, i do have the best Owner there is. Of course, i know that there are other things that Owner has planned, not all of which will be quite as fun, But hey, whilst the sun shines.....