This week Owner presented me with the details of Her plan to further Her control over me. Owners idea is devilishly simple. In short, it is a plan that expands and develops the better i perform and which requires me to continuously update and advise Owner about my progress for Her assessment. Only when each stage of the plan has been completed to Owners satisfaction will the next part of the plan be revealed for me to progress onto.

Confused? It is actually very simple. Owner has created a live document on skydrive the contents of which comprise the activities that Owner expects me to perform. Owner requires that i record examples and evidence of how i have complied with each request (including dates) i am expected to have fully completed and be delivering against all sections of the plan to Owners satisfaction by November. Failure to do so will entail unspecified consequences The itself plan consists of a series of 6 sub-sections currently covering:
  • Home tasks
  • Clothes and make-up
  • New skills
  • General behaviour
  • Finances
  • Slut behaviour/play
Each of the above sub-sections is itself broken down into a series of activities/tasks/behaviours or expectations which i have to record my progress against. When Owner is satisfied that my performance in each of the above sections is satisfactory the section will be colour coded green. When all 6 of these sections have been turned green by Owner and have stayed that way i.e. my progress continues to be satisfactory Owner may then decide to open-up a new section for me to move onto. It reminds me a little of an computer game when you complete a level and then move onto the next.

Anyway, so far so good. Owners plan has had a positive impact upon my performance and motivation. Now i just need to make sure that i keep it up.

This weekend we also managed to get to see the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A before it ended today. We had tried to get tickets when the exhibition first opened but without success (it's been a sell out) and then kept saying we'd go down one day and queue early for the few tickets they release on the day. However, the weeks passed and suddenly we realised it was the last weekend before the exhibition closed. i confess that it was without much optimism that we'd be successful that we set off yesterday morning to join the crowds patiently waiting outside the museum before the doors opened hoping to secure a ticket for the day. However, our efforts were successful and so we got a chance to pay homage to an artist we both greatly admire.

We also got a chance to see some other exhibits in the museum and Owner, upon seeing the sculpture pictured below immediately remarked 'ohh look petty, it's just like you - flashing it's little clitty'

We ended the day having drinks in our local bar before heading for a walk around the park where i did my obligatory bra flash to round off what had been a most excellent day