Owner and i are just back from my wonderful hen weekend and what fantastic fun we both had, it truly was a brilliant weekend. The following are just a couple of the photo and video mementos from the event, hope you enjoy. First we had a little beauty session at home before we set-off;

our beauty treatment
Then it was off into London to check-in to the rather fabulous Apex City of London Hotel which was to be out accommodation for the night (would thoroughly recommend). Bags dropped off we then headed out to a local cafe to refuel on caffeine and plan my hen 'parade'
can you tell where we are yet?
Fully fuelled we headed out of the cafe and down the street to the Tower of London for me to commence my little hen parade, with my hen party accessories, past the Tower by the river and then over Tower Bridge and along past Butlers Wharf to Chambers Wharf
sorting myself out

and we're off

It was great fun to have an opportunity to parade through some of the city in my hen attire. Owner and i then had a couple of drinks before heading back to our hotel to prepare for the remainder of the night's activities. Owner had chosen the hotel as it was close to The Way Out Club, a place neither of us had been to before but which offered potential opportunities for dancing and people watching fun.

First, however, it wouldn't be a hen night without a stripper. The difference this time of course being that i was the person doing a strip for Owner. We both had fun, me doing the strip and Owner laughing at my antics (as you can see Owner had instructed me that She wanted me to spend my hen weekend out of chastity for a change)

Show over we both had dinner and then got ready for our night out. For me it was also an opportunity to wear one of my new frocks

One of the little touches that the hotel provides for all guests is a free rubber duck that they encourage you to take with you on your travels and send the hotel photos of where the duck has been. We took ours to the club.
although i didn't have the duck all the time
As i mentioned the hotel is very close to the club, literally about 50 yards down the road and so Owner and i had only a very short walk back before we could collapse into bed at the end of what had been a wonderful hen day. However, the fun wasn't over yet.

After having an early light breakfast Owner and i then retired back to bed with the intention of fully exploiting the hotels mid-day check-out by having a lovely lie-in. However, it wasn't long before Owner began teasing and caressing my titties and un-locked clitty and generally getting Her hen quite excited. Owner then put on the 8in strapon of Her that we had brought with us, and began to rub it between my legs and across my 'pussy' as She spooned me in bed. i of course, being the little slut i am also began rubbing myself along the length of its shaft.

Owner re-positioned Herself so that She lying flat on Her back, Her big red cock standing proud
 and instructed me to suck Her cock like a slut. This i eagerly did fellating and licking it until it was wet with saliva. Then with Owners encouragement and without any need for lube, (my pussy has been well trained by Owner) other than my own coating of saliva along its shaft, i squatted over Owners cock, reached down and positioned it against the entrance of my pussy and then sunk down onto it, until its entire length was buried deep inside me. Owners expressed delight at the site of me sitting astride Her with Her cock buried deep inside me and switched on the vibrate. She then instructed me to make my clitty hard and ride Her cock as She Herself rode the vibrations of Her cock. And so it was that i fucked myself up and down on Owners cock, feeling it pulsing deep inside me as the Owner rode its vibrations to happy climax. Owner then instructed me to make myself cum loudly and like a whore for Her and so i rode up and down faster and faster on Her still vibrating cock and played with my clitty until i came noisily and messily, fifty plus days of denial released across the duvet.

Both spent i scooped up and swallowed my mess, Owner withdrew and we collapsed in each others arms. It was a wonderful way to be fucked by Owner and She expressed delight at having watched me ride Her cock so enthusiastically. i was one happy and well fucked hen.

i have waxed lyrical before about the joys of being kept in chastity and last night provided another example of just how beneficial and enjoyable it can be. Before dinner Owner told me to that She wanted a short lie down and that She wanted me to join Her in bed. Accordingly i happily removed my collar and cuffs and  slipped under the covers to join Owner.

Owner had me lie on my side so that She could spoon me and started to run Her fingers inside my legs, across my chest and down into my knickers (i was still wearing my skirt, panties and blouse). Soon Her finger was touching and caressing my bottom and inching down between my cheeks to tease my pussy and stroke the skin between it and my locked clitty. Needless to say i was soon very aroused and my clit swollen and bulging in its tight metal cage. Owner instructed me to remove my top, skirt and panties and continued to caress and tease me as i did so, focusing first on my pussy, then my titties and then onto what She called my swollen 'little plums' packed hot and tight hard against the metal of the Jailbird device.

i could feel my clitty throb and pulse inside its little protective cage as Owner continued to caress me. As She did so She whispered how much i seemed to enjoy being in chastity and what a slut i was. i replied that i did indeed love to be locked up and that i thought it was good for me to be kept that way. i also said how much i welcomed being kept denied by Owner for long periods of time (it has now been 50 days since i was last permitted to cum) and that i would love to be kept locked and on perpetual edge like this indefinitely. Owner responded saying that She too enjoyed having me locked away but that She also liked to play with my clitty at times and that it was up to Her to determine what She wanted to do with it and whether it was locked or unlocked.

With that Owner then rolled away and reached into Her drawer, extracted Her favourite vibrator, lay back down, parted Her legs and began to pleasure Herself. As She did so She pulled my head towards Her breasts and instructed me to set to work licking and sucking them for Her. i love sucking Owners breasts and i love being used by Her as a source of additional stimulus and so was soon enthusiastically attending to Her delightful orbs. Owner then began to tease me by asking would i like to lick Her arse (something i adore doing) whilst having me continue to attend to Her breasts before curling onto Her side, vibrator buried between Her thighs and presenting Her delicious derriere to me. i was soon in anal heaven as i eagerly licked and probed with my tongue, tasting and inhaling Owner as She pushed back against my face and down onto my straining tongue.

It is such a pleasure and honour to be able to anally worship Owner this way and i was in raptures as, struggling for breath, i felt Owners body shudder and convulse as pleasure overwhelmed Her. i held Owner tight and savoured each and every last quiver of Her body whilst my own locked little clit throbbed and twitched helplessly inside its cage.

Those who have not experienced chastity and prolonged denial may find it difficult to believe it when i say that there is nothing quite like the pleasure and joy that can be derived from being left riding a wave of hopeless arousal knowing that for you there will be no sudden ecstatic break against the shore but rather a prolonged, drawn-out and happy yet uncomfortable slow ebbing of the tide of your own pleasure. All the while you are enveloped and mesmerised by the sheer wonder and beauty of your partners pleasure and the profound honour you feel to have been party and witness to it.

Anyway, enough rhapsodising! i remain happily locked up and denied.

i do, however, have other exciting new to impart. Namely, that in readiness for my forthcoming 'marriage' to Owner She has arranged for me to have an opportunity to have a Hen Party this coming weekend! i am thrilled and excited at the prospect. We both spent part of last weekend looking for some Hen Party accessories for me to wear - which included an interesting short conversation between me and the shop assistant during which i confirmed that, yes i was buying the items for my hen night. This weekend Owner will be taking me to some select locations around London to be photographed in my hen outfit. We are then booked into a hotel where (in a case of tables being turned on the hen) i will be Owners stripper and will perform a strip tease for Her. That will be followed by dinner with Owner and then potentially we will be heading on afterwards to a club for a spot of dancing around our handbags. Oh i can not wait, what fun we will have and how lucky,lucky, lucky i am to be sharing my life with such a wonderful woman as my Owner.
Yesterday Owner had instructed me to prepare Her equipment for Her to give me a caning when She returned from home. i duly set out the lounge as She likes and then carried on with my day. On returning Owner settled down and then instructed me to prepare myself for a caning. i removed my collar and cuffs, stripped out of my blouse and skirt, removed my panties and then re-attached the collar and re-secured the cuffs back around my wrists. i then positioned myself kneeling on the sofa with my legs parted. 

However, Owner had a wonderful surprise in store. At first She came over and began to caress and tease my nipples and run her fingers across my backside and down between my legs, teasing my pussy and chastised clitty. Then She instructed me to follow Her into the bedroom and lie face down on the bed. Owner disappeared again for a few minutes before returning and stripping off and climbing under the covers and instructing me to join Her. i slid under the duvet naked bar my Jailbird encased clitty and the leather collar around my neck and connected cuffs around my wrists. Owner turned me so that She was spooning me and as She did She continued to play with and tease my nipples and locked clitty, causing the latter to swell and throb within its metal cage.

Owner whispered in my ear 'would my slut like to be gagged or to lick my arse?' i eagerly replied that i would love to lick Owners arse. Before doing so Owner instructed me to lick and suck Her wonderful breasts whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. Then She rolled over and presented Her derriere to me whilst continuing to apply Her vibrator to Her pussy. My tongue was soon licking and flicking around and then inside Owners sweet backside. Owner clamped Herself around my face as my tongue and Her vibrator did their jobs and brought Her to happy climax. i, although left frustratingly aroused, was happy to have helped bring Owner some well earned pleasure.

It has now been over a month and a half since i was allowed to come and i really do think such denial is helping to focus me more. Owner continues to express Her pleasure at my progress in developing as Her ideal slut and future wife and i am pleased to report that in Her recent audit of my cleaning work She recognised that i had improved, albeit with room for more improvement still.

i really and truly am lucky to have an Owner whom i can serve and worship and who loves to treat me as Her personal sex toy. Meanwhile, i am continuing to develop and evolve as a more productive and practical slut for Her. Ours truly is a happy home.
Owner and i have an enjoyable couple of days. On Thursday Owner administered a caning which She enlivened by having me fellate Her current favourite strap-on (Her 8inch red number) in between  some of the strokes and then had me lick Her wonderful derriere whilst She pleasured Herself with Her vibrator. i absolutely adore being able to worship Owners gorgeous rear this way and bury my face between Her cheeks. When She had satiated Herself Owner resumed caning me before then lightly lubing Her cock and easing Herself slowly into my welcoming pussy until She was fully inside me and then proceeding to vigorously fuck my hot hole whilst simultaneously switching on the vibrate mode of Her strapon. Soon She was thrusting hard in and out of me and forcing my face down into the cushions of the sofa on which i was knelt as She reached Her orgasm and collapsed spend on top of me. i was safely in chastity the whole time ensuring that for the rest of the evening i was left with that deliciously uncomfortable aching in my bits, the by-product of frustrated arousal.

The next day after leaving for work Owner texted me a request to 'spank my derriere 20 times with a brush whilst having naughty thoughts' before i started work myself (i was working from home). Owner pronounced Herself pleased with the results of the following video which i took of myself fulfilling Her request.

Today we headed out to West London to pay a visit to Hampton Court Palace. Owner requested that i bring my princess tiara to take a few photos of me wearing in the grounds of the palace. This is the result

It was good fun and i even got to show off my matching blouse and bra.

i am really pleased to report that just over one month in to my new training and development plan and i have been making some steady progress. Owner has even complimented me on how i have developed. As previously mentioned Owner set out a plan that i have to regularly update my progress against. The plan sits as a document on Skydrive meaning that it is always 'live' and can always be accessed and updated by Owner and myself. When i have demonstrated that i have fully adopted and implemented all components of the plan over a 3-4 month period the plan be updated and new elements added for me to then deliver against and so forth.

Anyway, one month in and so far, so good. i have been studying Spanish 3-4 times a week and my ability has improved. Infact, on our last trip to Spain to see Owner family just over a week ago they complimented me on how my Spanish had improved. i was quite thrilled and have even had a few dreams in Spanish of late. For someone who has been a lifelong failure when it comes to foreign languages i am really pleased how i am slowly progressing.

In addition to Spanish i have also been researching and trying out a whole new series of recipes so that Owner is now regularly offered new and healthy meal options. i set up a pininterest account so that i can quickly and easily tag recipes and then share them with Owner for Her approval. i have also been trying to do other bits of research for Owner in order to provide Her with options for things we can do/places to go etc or other things that i think may be of interest to Her. i am learning to be more proactive and get better at anticipating some of Owners needs and desires and try to be a more useful and practical future wife for Her in addition to being Her slut and whore. Last, although we have always professed to be in a Female-led relationship it was one in which there were aspects of my and our life in which i was continuing to display and behave significant amounts of autonomy and independence. This too is now changing with Owner expecting to always be fully consulted (where practically feasible) and Her agreement obtained to any significant course of action or financial expenditure on my part and also expecting me to only act with Her permission in other aspects of life e.g. if allowed an alcoholic drink when we go out.

Owner too has been encouraging my further training and development in other ways. She has initiated a system of audits/spot checks to ensure that in addition to maintaining my daily cleaning routine i ensure that all aspects of Her home are kept clean and tidy and to Her liking. Owner is also becoming much less reticent at pointing out any shortcomings or deficiencies on my part so that i am encouraged to continuously up my game and improve my domestic performance.

i have to say that i am really enjoying Owners heightened interest and exertion of control over me as She looks to further my development and training into a wife She can be truly proud of. i confess that at times in the past i have been far too 'fluffy' and, whilst always eager to develop my slutty side have not always shown the same attitude and eagerness to progress when it has come to furthering my domestic and service-related development. If this past month is anything to go by, and i accept that it is still too early to judge, then i think we may have passed a further milestone in my development into the wife Owner desires, namely both a slut but also a practical and fully trained keeper of Her home.

i know that i am lucky to have such a caring and conscientious Owner and i am truly grateful to Her for continuing to guide and develop me so expertly.