Today is going to be a very special day for Owner and i.We are both very thrilled and excited (me especially). i will update about it more in due course.....yes today is the day when Owner and i get 'married' and i have the honour of becoming Her wife. i truly am the luckiest person alive.

After our 'wedding' we'll be heading off to the States on our 'honeymoon' later next week - that is if that country is still functioning. We're both really looking forward to it, especially as we will be there for the Columbus weekend celebrations...and sales!

Meanwhile, i am pleased to report that my development continues under Owners expert guidance. i am now over two months into Her wife training plan and She continues to note and report that i am improving in my domestic usefulness to Her and general attitude and behaviour. Owner will review my performance at the beginning of November to see whether or not i have achieved the level of performance She has stipulated and demonstrated an ability to sustain that level of performance over the three month period Her plan will have been implemented. i hope She believes my progress to be satisfactory as that may, in turn, then unlock the next stage of Her plan and my continued re-training as Her perfect wife.

So, happy days here... life is good and exciting and i am deeply in love with my Owner and thrilled at the prospect of soon having the honour of being accepted by Her as Her wife. Meanwhile, here is a sneak preview of my boquet, expertly made by Owner


bob said...

I am really happy for you congrats . You will remember this day for the rest of your life and everytime you think about it you will be so happy . When I got married the conventional way just Mistress and I at Gretna Green it was the happiest day of my life confirming our love for each other and also my submission to Mistress taking her Surname was so very special she also had my ring engraved Mine Forever :-)

Happy pet said...

Thanks Bob and yours sounds like it was a wonderful ceremony and how romantic getting married in Gretna Green.