i am thrilled, honoured and delighted to announce that Owner took me as Her wife at a private ceremony yesterday. This has been the happiest weekend of my life. We recited our vows to one another before then exchanging rings, we were both quite emotional and i was extremely excited. This is what Owner said to me;

Dearest pet,

Thank you for turning-up that day - over 8 years ago now - at Bond St station. You very quickly became my friend, in fact you became my very best friend. But for the past 8 years you have been more than that. You have been my:
  •  boy-friend
  • partner
  • flatmate
  • confidant
  • cook
  • doctor
  • adviser
  • travel companion
  • entertainer
  • political commentator
  • mr biodiversity
  • cinema buddy
  • cuddly toy
  • sex toy
  • slut
  • whore - correction - cock-sucking dirty whore
But above all you have been my pet. The best pet one can wish for: loyal, loving and fun to be with.

Thank you for all these years, for contributing to my life in so many different ways, for being the way you area and accepting me the way i am.

I am truly excited to be here, in the Charing Cross Hotel again. But today it is a very special day. We are here not just to celebrate our anniversary. Today i am making you my wife. 

I, Owner, take you, pet, to be my slutty wife.

I promise to take care of you for the rest of my life - a pet is for life, not just for Xmas.

I will guide you, teach you and help your development to the best of my ability. I will respect you but also treat you as the whore you are. I will cuddle you but also spank your arse.

But more importantly, I will always love you.  


In response i said the following vows to Owner;

i am truly honoured and blessed to be accepted by such a beautiful, loving and wonderful woman as you, my Owner .........to be you wife.

You came into my life eight short years ago and transformed it and me for the better and completely. i truly cannot imagine life without you and every moment spent with you is precious to me. You understand and accept me for who i am and i am truly grateful to you for that. But, you also know that i can and should develop further under your loving guidance - albeit that i now will do so in the proud knowledge that you have taken me to be your wife.

You bring me intense joy and happiness and pleasure. You make me laugh, you make me feel safe and secure and loved, you make me feel complete. You are my best friend, lover and Owner.

i know sometimes you think i am silly and that sometimes i am, but today is a truly special day for me. We have grown and developed together, we have shared joy and happiness and you have supported and encouraged and tutored me along the way. You have embraced and nurtured my submission to you and my femininity and have corrected and re-directed me when needed. i am forever indebted to you for the love, support and guidance you have shown me.

On this happy and special anniversary weekend i stand before you and offer you unconditionally and for all eternity my love, my body, my soul, my mind and my worldly goods. i worship and adore you, i submit myself completely to you as you wife. i will always honour and obey you. My body is yours and for your pleasure alone. My mind will always strive to anticipate and fulfil your needs, wants and desires and to the best of my ability i will always try to bring you joy, pleasure, comfort and happiness through my actions, behaviour and devotion.

i recognise that ours is a journey and that today is but a way-post on our journey together, you as my Owner and me as your obedient wife. Wherever life may take us i vow to forever be at your side and at your command and in your control. i know you will always want what is best for me and for us both and i trust you totally to lead me on our journey together. i will always support you and offer advice or help you, but never doubt you.

i am happy, honoured and proud beyond words to be your wife and accepted as such by you. i vow forever o be true to you, to submit myself mind, body and soul to you, to always look after and care for you and your home, to obey you and to continue to develop and grow as your wife as guided and instructed by you.

i love and adore you and know that you love me too. Thank you for the best years of my life so far and i rejoice knowing the rest of my years will be spent with you. You have my heart. You have my body. You have my soul and you have me for the rest of your life.

i am your very happy, very excited, very silly and quite girly wife.


The following are a couple of photos from our day;

our rings

my beautiful Owner

and again my lovely Owner
Owners bride

on the marital bed with my bouquet
suitably locked-up and decorated in blue ribbon


Armando said...

Congratulations on your continued journey together!

Happy pet said...

Many thanks Armando.