Owner has presented me with some wonderful surprises over the past week. First off She ordered me some really pretty and sexy silk lingerie which i can't wait to model and show you all, it really is gorgeous and feels divine. Secondly, She ordered me a 'sexy' Santa's elf outfit which i am to wear to our local park on Christmas day (providing the severe storms we are currently experiencing abate for long enough for us to venture outside). Thirdly, Owner also selected some gorgeous Jonathan Aston tights that She had me order together with a pair of sexy shorts to wear on New Years eve. The shirts and tights arrived yesterday and, after trying them on for Her, Owner expressed delight at how i looked wearing the tights. Owner has subsequently advised that She would like me to wear tights on a regular basis - specifically ones without a gusset. Last, Owner unexpectedly announced to me last night that She had found a beginners knitting class for me that was being held close to wear we live. It starts in the New Year and lasts for a couple of hours one evening a week for a month. i am now booked onto the class.

So, my development and transition as Owners wife continues apace. i am on the cusp starting a whole series of classes in the New Year to develop and perfect a whole new set of skills  - manicure/pedicure, reflexology, Indian head massage and knitting to date. In addition, the intensity of my Spanish practice and learning has been increased. Meanwhile, at home i am being trained to become the housewife Owner deserves and aspires to posses through the gradual addition of new tasks and activities i am to complete or perfect.

All the while, the degree of direct control Owner has over how i live my life with Her and what i may or may not do continues to increase. As it does so it is with delight (on my part) that i am noticing how increasingly assertive and authoritative Owner is becoming (not that She wasn't before but She is becoming even more so) and how comfortable She appears to be asserting such control. In addition, i am loving being trained and developed as Her ideal wife and the opportunities this is affording me to learn new skills and be of more use to Owner.

This year Owner and i are spending Christmas together rather than, is all too often the case, apart with our respective families. It is wonderful to have an opportunity to be spending Christmas with Her this year...i truly am a very lucky and happy person indeed.