Owner and i paid a visit to our local park this morning to take a few pictures of me wearing my leopard print lingerie. As you can see it was broad daylight and there were a lot of people about, although we had found a spot just off the main path. Still we were both pleased that i showed no hesitation in stripping off for my photos, indeed my only concern had been that on the walk there (and again on the way back) my socks kept disappearing down my legs! Anyway, we both had fun on our little 'shoot'

This past week has also been a productive one. i completed the first of the courses i have booked myself on (back and neck massage) and have already started to put it to good use with Owner. Whilst at the centre i also enrolled on an introduction to foot reflexology course they are running next year. It was funny as i was a little nervous before arriving as to what the course would be like. i need not have been as there was a mix of people on it ranging from a girl in her late teens to a couple in their 50s. They were all perfectly friendly and nice. The centre was called Onedaycourses.com and again i would recommend it. It offers a range of massage, reflexology, reiki and other holistic courses.

In February next year i am also booked to do a one day manicure and pedicure course at a different training centre called 'The Beauty Academy' as well as an Indian head massage course. i have begun practiising manicures on Owner in addition to pedicures, though at present my French manicure skills leave a lot to be desired! i am looking forward to  the manicure and pedicure course i am booked onto, though i confess i am also a little nervous as well...albeit in a good way. This centre also offers a facial massage and skin care course which Owner and i have discussed might also be a good one for me to do.

Meanwhile, i have been researching potential knitting classes to enroll on next year and Owner is also keen for us both to do a sewing machine class at some point too. As you can see i have a busy year ahead with lots of new skills to try to learn and master if i am to progress towards becoming Owners perfect wife.

Owner and i are also both excited at the prospect of us spending this Xmas at home together (we are often apart with our respective families) and She has ordered me a Christmas Elf costume to wear and model in our park...it should make for a wonderful bit of festive fun!