The period since Christmas has been an incredibly busy and stressful one for Owner. She has been studying most evenings for a course as part of Her career development whilst also dealing with a whole load of issues at work. At the same time She has been applying for new jobs and attending interviews, She is currently at the final stage for a couple of possible new jobs. In addition, a close member of Her family is terminally ill. She is, quite understandably, exhausted and drained.

As Her wife i have been trying my best to support and look after Her during this time. What has amazed me though is that, despite all that She has on Her plate right now, Owner continues to have time to oversee and monitor my own development as Her new wife. Owner provides regular feedback and encouragement to me about my own progress in delivering the current phase of Her development plan for me. She checks up and comments, applauds me if She feels i have been doing something well, and scolds or chastises me when i slip up.  Unfortunately, of late there have been two occasions which have given Owner particular cause for annoyance at my behaviour. The first time was when i added an additional beauty product to an order i placed on-line without having consulted Owner first. i'd ordered some hair growth inhibiter products (with Owners permission) for us both to use on our legs after shaving. However, i had also added a version of the same product to use on my face without asking for Owners permission. This was wrong and not acceptable on my part.

My second significant slip-up occurred this morning. Owner texted me from work to state She wanted to have me do reflexology on Her feet tonight. i replied saying of course i would do that. However, i then went on to enquire whether or not She would like me to also lick Her derriere? Owner immediately rebuked me saying i was not to ask Her if i could do things She knows i enjoy doing. For many years now i have been forbidden from initiating any form of sexual activity with Owner - only She may do this.Owner was quite right to rebuke me for my text i should have known better and i swiftly apologised.

The above significant slip-ups aside Owner has given me a number of compliments over how i have been performing in this latest Phase of Her development plan for me. She has stated that i have become more practical, attentive and useful domestically and She has seemed pleased with the new skills i have acquired as Her wife. i will find out just what She thinks of my development when the current Phase II of Her 'Plin Plan Plon' development plan for me gets formally assessed by Her next month. i hope She deems me worthy of progressing onto Phase III.

Since becoming Owners wife last year i have also noticed some wonderful developments in how Owner behaves towards me. Owner now seems to have higher expectations of what She should expect of me and also seems more confident Herself in making demands/expecting things of me. As Her submissive wife i am really thrilled to have the privilege of experiencing Owners continued and increasing dominance over me. My soul sings each time:
  • She instructs me to do this or get that
  • She automatically hands me Her bag to carry for Her
  • She leaves things out/drops them on to the floor for me to put away/tidy-up after Her
  • She says 'no' to me or denies me permission to do something
  • She decides when and whether or not we are going out
  • She announces what She wants me to cook
  • She tells me that what i think about a particular matter is irrelevant
  • She tells me to pay greater attention and to 'think!' 
  • She passes judgement on my cooking
  • She tells me that i am a whore
  • She highlights areas of my behaviour/performance that are not acceptable and need  improvement
Life with Owner as Her wife keeps getting better and better!

happy wife